Keefe will Make a Major Speech at Monday’s Meeting

City Council President Patrick Keefe will deliver a major address at the Monday, July 27 meeting of the Council.

The speculation is that Keefe’s lengthy speech – which he has reportedly been working on for the past several days – will focus on the Revere Human Rights Commission. What aspect of the Commission – if in fact, that is the subject of his remarks – that Keefe intends to speak about is not known, but some observers believe the speech will reaffirm the Council President’s commitment to having a Human Rights Commission in the city.

Mayor Brian Arrigo is seeking to re-activate the Revere Human Rights Commission and appoint Dimple Rana as its executive director. The appointment of Rana, a well-known community leader, was tabled following a lengthy discussion at the last Council meeting. Several speakers voiced their support for Rana at the meeting.

The Rana matter is on the agenda of the Council’s Appointments Subcommittee which is chaired by Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso. The Subcommittee meeting will be held Monday just prior to the full Council meeting.

In a related matter, Keefe said he has requested that Mayor Arrigo provide a list of the 11 residents that he intends to appoint to the Human Rights Commission.

“I would like to see a list of all 11 appointees to the Commission put before the Council on Monday or put in front of the Appointments Subcommittee,” said Keefe.

With Keefe, a popular council president with citywide support, set to deliver a significant speech in the city’s history and the appointment of Dimple Rana on the agenda, an overflow crowd would likely have been on hand in the Council Chambers.

But Keefe said that due to the limit on seating capacity in the Council Chambers because of the coronavirus, there will be no spectators allowed at the meeting.

“We wouldn’t have been able to have much more than 20 people in the Council Chambers due to Governor Baker’s orders, and that would not allow full access to the public,” said Keefe.

The Council meeting will be broadcast live on Revere TV and Zoom.

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