Beach Street Residence Named RBC ‘Beautiful Home’

A home on Beach Street has been selected as the Revere Beautification Committee’s “Beautiful Home” this week.  This property is enclosed by a chain link fence and the area is covered with a variety of plantings.  There are clusters of white daisies, yellow lilies, and purple lavender plants.  There are also pots of herbs, vases of petunias, and rose bushes.  Also included are several special objects of the owner that liven up the area.  Trees are planted at the sides of the yard.

As the property was being viewed for this article, a gentleman walked by and remarked how nice the property looked.  When told that the home had been selected for the RBC “Beautiful Home” award, this neighbor said “ you should have seen it before the current owner bought it.  It was a mess.”  The gentleman said that he had pictures of the property before Mr. Guerra bought it and said that he would send them for this article.  Alas, he did not.  It would have been nice to have seen the difference.

The home is owned by Dorana Guerra who has had the property for less than two years.  Mr. Guerra spends time every day after work tending to his yard and continuing to make it pretty.  This property is a perfect example of the difference a beautified home makes to the city by transforming an unkempt yard into a flower-filled beauty. When asked if he had any comments to make, Mr. Guerra said “I love the city of Revere and I am a great believer in taking care of one’s property.”  The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) agrees totally with Mr. Guerra and urges every resident to “take care of their property.”

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