Northeast Metro Tech Vocational School’s Summer Enrichment Program Goes Virtual

Superintendent David DiBarri and Department Head of Humanities Joseph O’Brien Jr. are pleased to announce this year’s Summer Enrichment Program will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is now underway.

Starting Monday, July 13, over 180 students will be taking part in the two-week program designed to give incoming freshmen an insight into the programs offered at Northeast Metro Tech. While this program is usually held in person, this year’s will be held virtually using Zoom and Google Classrooms due to the COVID-19 global health pandemic.

However, the overall design of the program will mirror the way it’s been held in the past. Students will cycle through six of the eight different programs over the next two weeks: automotive technology, baking, cosmetology, culinary arts, design and visual communications, drafting and design, electrical work and STEM.

Learning will be two-fold. Teachers will create a Zoom presentation to give students insight into each program and then lead students in an interactive lesson using at-home kits created for students that were dropped off at their homes earlier this week. For example, students trying out the electrical program demonstration will use a 9-volt battery to turn on a light, those in the drafting and design program will design a home and those in the culinary program will be given the recipe and tools needed to bake bread.

Students will also be given Google Chromebooks and a summer reading assignment as part of the program.

“The amount of students who have signed up for this year’s programs shows just how important it is in preparing them for the fall,“ said O’Brien, who heads the program. “The staff working on the Summer Enrichment Program have been doing a great job getting everything prepared and creating interactive kits so students can have a hands-on experience while partaking at home to gain more insight into the work they’re interested in.”

This is the 20th year that the Summer Enrichment Program has been held.

“Joe and the rest of the staff who put together this program for our newest students have really taken this challenge head on and created an amazing opportunity for the incoming freshmen to have this experience while we continue remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Superintendent DiBarri said. “We look forward to welcoming students at the start of the program next week and hope they have an incredible experience.”

Anyone with questions about the program can contact O’Brien at [email protected]

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