After 44 years in Revere Public Schools Robert Lasala will Retire

In 1976 Robert Lasala walked across the stage at Revere High School to receive his diploma from former Superintendent of Schools William Hill and former State Rep. William Reinstein who had a message for him on the day of his graduation. “They stopped me and told me to go back to my parents and tell them I just got hired by the School Department,” said Lasala. That moment began an illustrious career of one of the most beloved staff members of Revere Public Schools (RPS) ever to walk the school’s halls. While only standing only 5’3” Lasala made up for his small stature with a gigantic personality, a candid ability to tell it like it is, a love for hard work and dedication and a style all his own.

Robert Lasala.

If you ask anyone in Revere there has never been or never be another Robert Lasala. However, this school year Lasala announced he will be retiring from RPS at the end of the school year. While he’ll remain part time next school year to train his replacement he’s looking forward to years of retirement. “You know, I got my start at Revere Public Schools as a dedicated student that came here to learn,” said Lasala. “I went to school every day and showed I was capable and able to help the school system in any way they needed help.” Growing up on Conant Street in Revere Lasala attended nearly every school in Revere from the old Lincoln School on Malden Street to the Whelan School to the Paul Revere to the Garfield School. But it was at Revere High School that Lasala shined. Each day he attended school impeccably dressed in a suit and tie, came ready to learn and was eager to carve a niche for himself after graduation. When he arrived at Revere High his reputation already preceded him as an honor roll student and someone that, when asked to perform a task, would follow it through to the very end. “I created everything that I’ve been doing for these past 44 years as well as some stuff the department doesn’t know about,” said Lasala. So instead of outsourcing a support staff position to a professional, RPS hired Lasala as the schools’ Supply Inventory Clerk. “At the time my duties were overseeing all the supplies for all the schools in Revere,” said Lasala. “I was in charge of all the shipping and receiving and made sure all the supplies teachers and students needed got to their classrooms.” However, as years went on Lasala began wearing more and more hats in his role at RPS. “I was RPS’s copier. I did all the printing for all the schools. I did all the banking for the schools. I did all the mailings for the schools. I was also the liaison between all the schools and city hall as well as a lot of other ‘behind the scenes’ business for the schools,” said Lasala. Looking back on his days as a student and later as an employee of RHS, Lasala has nothing but respect for Revere Schools. “I made an impact by becoming an employee right out of high school,” said Lasala. “I think that’s a good story don’t you agree? All of my memories over the years is the joy of being able to come into contact with well educated students and people and all of them helping to make the man I am today. I think I’ve done alright for myself. Think of it how many people get to work in the same school they attended as a student. What I’m doing now I did as a student first. Revere gave me two things–a great education by great educators and I got a job for myself. The schools taught me how to become someone in life. Someone who makes an impact.” The man who Lasala is today is something that will be hard to replace for RPS. “I’m a service that is hard to beat,” said Lasala. “I have saved RPS a lot of money over the years. Since I’ve been here we don’t have to outsource for printing, for a supplier, for a banker, for mailings. Unfortunately I made it look easy and now everyone is saying the next person will have ‘big shoes’ to fill.” As a gentleman that has achieved all his goals in life Lasala said he looks forward to retirement and staying at home with his wife of 25 years, Pricilla. “I’m a professional drummer, I’m very active with St. Anthony’s Parish but mostly I’m going to enjoy my home,” said Lasala who is renovating his house. “I’m a fanatic and have to have everything be just so. Kind of like my office here at the school.” In the end Lasala said he just wants to be remembered as someone who always treated people with respect. “No one is better than anyone else,” said Lasala. “That is what this job and life has taught. If you are a gentleman, tell it like it is and treat people with respect you will get the same back.” With that said there will truly never be another Robert Lasala.

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