RPD Chief James Guido Will Retire on June 30

Under normal circumstances, Revere Police Chief James Guido would have announced his retirement in a packed City Council Chambers, with colleagues, friends and family on hand to salute him on a distinguished 33-year career in a profession that has never been more challenging than it is today.

Rpd Chief James Guido Will Retire on June 30

A standing ovation would have lit up the chambers and the emotions of pride and proudness would have been on full display from the Guido family, including Chief Guido’s wife, Lily, and their two children, Jay and Nanci.

But these are unprecedented times because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Monday night’s Council meeting was conducted remotely under the leadership of Council President Patrick Keefe. There was no way for the 11 councillors to congratulate Chief Guido in person or stand together in tribute for the leader of the RPD and the president of the Massachusetts Police Association.

“I came on the job in December of 1986 when I was 26 years old,” recalled Guido in an interview Monday. “Being a police officer has been very rewarding and very fulfilling and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Guido has been chief of the Revere department for the past three years. His message to the officers with whom he has served during that time is: “Hold your head up high. Continue to do the great work you do each and every day. You truly make a difference in the community and I’m proud of each and every one of you. Thank you for your service.”

What are Chief Guido’s plans in retirement?

“I’m going to enjoy my three grandkids (agesto start,” said Guido. “I’m going to do some traveling with my wife.”

Guido personally thanked Mayor Brian Arrigo for the opportunity to serve as the city’s chief of police.

“I also want to thank all the other elected officials for all their cooperation and support during my tenure,” said Guido.

Officials from the community had the following to say regarding Guido’s retirement.

Mayor Brian Arrigo:

Jim Guido has devoted most of his life toward the betterment as the City of Revere, both as a member of our community and as a police officer.  He served the city fairly and always put the needs of the residents and what was best for Revere at the top of his list. Jim accepted the leadership of the police department and led it over the past three years with innovation and a knack for practical solutions.  He has been an excellent “hands on” leader and served our community with distinction.  His election last year as president of the Massachusetts Police Association shows the kind of respect he has earned among his colleagues across the commonwealth.

I consider Chief Guido a dedicated public servant, a trusted advisor, and a good friend.  We will miss is gregarious personality, his candid and thoughtful commentary, and his expertise as a law enforcement official. As a community, we are grateful for his years of service.

State Rep. RoseLee Vincent

“Having known Chief Guido for over thirty years, and having worked with him professionally as he rose through the ranks of the Revere Police Department, I will miss my dear friend as he begins a well-deserved retirement,” said Representative RoseLee Vincent.  “Jimmy has not only dedicated his professional life to the service of ensuring the public safety of our residents, but his love for our community and the people of Revere is apparent.  He has always been a fierce advocate for the men and women of his department, and was one of the driving forces behind the construction of the new police headquarters.  As Chief, I am proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him over the years for the betterment and safety of the people of Revere.  Jimmy – congratulations!  You have not only earned, but truly deserve a happy retirement with Lil, Nanci, Jay and your beautiful grandsons.”

Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo:

I thank Chief Guido for his service to the City of Revere. He is a well-respected law enforcement official in Revere and throughout the Commonwealth of Mass. as demonstrated by his election as president of the Massachusetts Police Association. I wish him the best on his retirement.

Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino:

I am so very proud of the great work the Department has accomplished under the leadership of Chief James Guido. The same goes for the community partnerships that have been built and strengthened over the years with public safety in mind. I’ve seen how important, and sometimes delicate, the relationship between public safety officials and the civilians they serve really is. Over his 35 years as an officer, Chief Guido has always handled these situations with such grace. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chief Guido for most of my life and I am proud to call him a friend. I wish him and his wonderful wife Lillian a life full of success and happiness.

The following is Police Chief James Guido’s official statement regarding his retirement on June 30:

It is with great sadness and much joy that I announce I will be retiring from the Revere Police Department when my contract expires June 30. I have served on the department for over 33 years and it has truly been an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of our community.

It is now time for me to spend some quality time with my family and my three adorable grandsons.

It has been a remarkable journey to go through the ranks of the department and to become the Chief of Police for the last 3 years.

I want to thank the Mayor for allowing me the opportunity to serve as the Chief, and thank you to all of the elected officials for their support and cooperation during my tenure.

I will continue to stay active in the community and look forward to my continued relationship with the many civic organizations in the city.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the men and women of the department. Thank you all for the outstanding work you do each and every day and your commitment to keeping our citizens safe. I am proud to have served as your Chief and I will miss you all.

Policing has changed dramatically during my 33 plus years and our profession is at a cross road in history. I pray each night that some good and positive change can come out of the unrest that is facing our nation right now.

To each and every citizen of Revere it has been my pleasure to serve as your Chief of Police.

God Bless the City of Revere and the United States of America.

From my heart,

Chief James R Guido

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