Fifty-Four Residents Being Housed at Quality Inn

The city’s decision to use the Quality Inn Hotel as housing for residents who have tested for the coronavirus has proven to be a propitious one, with many agreeing that the isolation has prevented others from contracting the insidious disease and likely saved lives.

Fifty-four residents from Revere, Chelsea, and neighboring communities are currently being assisted at the hotel after Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo and Chelsea City Manager Thomas Ambrosino announced the project in April.

Health officials believes the initiative of providing residents with a safe and healthy environment with direct access to medical care has been successful.

“It is universally agreed that isolating individuals who have tested positive is critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19,” said Mayor Arrigo. “Yet, isolation is difficult, and in some cases, impossible, in communities like Revere where large numbers of people live in close quarters and densely populated neighborhoods.

“By providing a safe haven, we have isolated individuals who otherwise would be in circumstances where they were highly likely to infect others,” continued Arrigo. “Given COVID-19’s extremely contagious properties, isolation at the Quality Inn has prevented untold numbers of cases and no doubt saved lives.”

Revere’s expenses for using the hotel as an isolation facility have not been determined as the costs will be shared by multiple communities. It is also believed that the costs associated with the hotel will be reimbursed by the state and federal government.

Several members of the city’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Team, including Kim Hanton, Rob Fortuna, and Adrienne Maguire, are coordinating Revere’s effort at the hotel.

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