Celebrating Mother’s Day 2020!

While the days and weeks seem to mesh into one amidst the coronavirus lockdowns, this Sunday is a special day that will break the monotony.  

It is Mother’s Day, and while it may not be possible for mom to be taken out to eat at her favorite restaurant, there are local options for families to mark this special day.

Sheryl Queen, owner of Twist and Shake and Wicked Eats in Revere.

One option could be a special delivery or curbside pickup from Twist and Shake or Wicked Eats, both on Revere Beach.

Sheryl Queen, who has been operating Twist and Shake on the Beach for the past 18 years, and just recently opened Wicked Eats at the former site of Bill Ash’s Pizza also on the Beach, notes that there is something for everyone, especially for mothers.

The menu at Wicked Eats highlights pizza, burgers and a variety of wings in addition to other delicious items. If you want to surprise mom with a special dessert, there is Twist and Shake.

“While there are no customers allowed inside or at our takeout windows,” Queen noted, “we offer both delivery and curbside pickup.”  The menu includes a wide selection of ice cream and yogurt flavors.  If you’re looking for more than just an ice cream to satisfy a sweet tooth, try one of their delicious Banana Boats or Brownie Sundaes. 

As for worries about the ice cream or yogurt melting before it reaches your mother, Queen describes the process that keeps the frozen ice cream from melting.

“We first take the order, make the order, then bag and secure it for delivery,” Queen said. “We then put the bag into a deep freeze of about five degrees below zero and then wait for delivery or pickup.”

Twist and Shake – Revere and Wicked Eats are open seven days a week from 1 to 9 p.m.

Other local options are:

Torretta’s Bakery located at 652 Winthrop Ave. that is offering sweets and a hearty meal where all dishes are made with high-quality ingredients and their secret recipe.

The Marina at the Wharf is not only offering regular menu items, but there will a special dish called Mother’s Day Clambake that will include lobster, steamers, potatoes, corn on the cob, chowder and salad. These items can be picked up at the curbside.

Kelly’s of Revere Beach is featuring their special lobster roll special for Mother’s Day. In addition there will be available the foods that have made Kelly’s a favorite for generations.  There will be curbside pickup offered on Revere Beach or use Drive Thru at the Route 1 location.

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