‘Masks for Revere’ Working to Keep Revere Equipped: Moroccan American Connections in Revere Donating 2,000 Masks Per Week

The Moroccan community continues to show solidarity and dedication in these extremely uncertain times. Here’s the story of the Moroccan American Connections in Revere, an organization specialized in youth development and cultural inclusion in Revere, a city 5 miles north of Boston, and home to about 7000 Moroccans (more than 10% of the Revere population).

A week ago, MACIR decided to put all its regular activities on hold and join the Revere Emergency Response Team, headed by the City Mayor. MACIR was tasked with supplying the city with protective masks. In the United States, masks are extremely scarce and a topic of controversy at the highest political levels. The fact is that 95% of US surgical masks are made overseas, which means the U.S. only has access to a tiny portion of the normal supply. What does this mean for Revere? Well, a single Revere Hospital needs about 1,500 masks per week. Making masks from scratch is really the only solution to the shortage at this point.

Starting with $1500 from its fund, MACIR purchased the adequate fabric and sewing machines to ensure the production of 2000 masks per week. This production continues to be possible thanks to an additional $1000 raised through a crowdfunding campaign called “Masks for Revere”.

Beyond Moroccan volunteers, MACIR brought together Revere locals from various cultural backgrounds to contribute to this initiative. “Masks for Revere” continues, with more and more demand from Revere and beyond.

As MACIR treasurer expressed, “It’s so amazing to see many members of the community and around the state are reaching out”.

“I am not in the frontline fighting this pandemic Coronavirus but I am trying to help our community and hospitals with the shortage of masks they are facing” Blanca Bedoya a local tailor helping sew masks for MACIR, said

“Making these masks has been an emotional journey to help save some lives by being part of the process of slowing the spread of COVID19” Yassine Smissame, a volunteer with MACIR, said

You can learn more about “Masks for Revere” in this news feature on local TV Channel Boston 25 News. 

Here’s to more love and solidarity!

MACIR (Moroccan American Connections in Revere) was established in 2016 to help integrate the growing Moroccan American population in the city of Revere, MA, estimated to be at least 10% of the Revere’s population. MACIR runs youth activities that focuses on culture and Arabic language learning in addition to the yearly street festival to promote diversity and inclusion in the city of Revere and beyond. We also organize youth special programs such as the Youth City Council to civically engage immigrants’ kids at a younger age. MACIR has been organizing a yearly soccer tournament to raise a $1000 scholarship for Revere High School called the Bob Haas-MACIR scholarship.

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