COVID-19 Cases Continue Climbing: New Case Data Available at Revere.Org

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The City of Revere’s Emergency Response Team continues to take proactive steps to slow community transmission of COVID-19 and prepare for further spread of the virus. As of April 14, the Revere Board of Health has been notified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health of 490 positive cases of COVID-19 in the City of Revere. Last week, there were 287 cases reported in the City of Revere.

Mayor Brian Arrigo reminds residents to adhere to the following measures:

 Revere Residents Advised to Wear Masks If They Must Leave Home

In addition to maintain­ing 6-feet social distancing, the CDC is advising the use of simple cloth face cover­ings to slow the spread of the virus and help prevent people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to oth­ers. The cloth face cover­ings recommended are not surgical masks or N-95 res­pirators. Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for health care workers and other medical first responders.

The Massachusetts De­partment of Public Health’s “Stay At Home” Advisory is in effect through May 4. “Stay at Home” means avoiding all non-essential trips outside the home. Res­idents over the age of 70 or with underlying health con­ditions should limit interac­tions with other people as much as possible.

The Centers for Disease Control has advised the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus, and has provid­ed a number of basic steps all citizens can take to pro­tect themselves, including: washing your hands often, avoiding close contact with those who are sick, staying home when sick, covering coughs and sneezes, and cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfac­es.

All updates for Revere residents are being shared regularly at coronavirus and via social media.

Shopper Limits in Place at All Grocery and Large Essential Retailers

On Wednesday, April 1, the City’s Inspectional Ser­vices department worked with all grocery stores and large essential retailers to begin limiting the number of shoppers allowed inside at once, based on total square footage and occupancy. In the interest of customer and employee safety, Market Basket, BJ’s, Target, Price Rite, Stop & Shop and Big Lots can allow no more than 140 customers inside at a time — approximately 20 percent of the stores’ to­tal occupancy limits. CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Rite Aid and PetCo are limiting customer counts to 24, and specialty grocer New Deal is limiting customers to 15 at a time. Shoppers should expect lines and practice social distancing and pa­tience while waiting to en­ter. Any concerns related to social distancing in stores should be directed to Re­vere 311, which will notify Inspectional Services.

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