Arrigo Implements New Measures to Slow Spread of Virus in Revere

The City of Revere’s Emergency Response Team continues to take proactive steps to slow community transmission of COVID-19 and prepare for further spread of the virus. As of April 7, 2020, the Revere Board of Health has been notified by the Massachu­setts Department of Public Health of 287 positive cases of COVID-19 in the City of Revere.

Mayor Brian Arrigo has been at the forefront of city officials statewide institut­ing guidelines to promote the health and public safe­ty of residents during the COVID-19 crisis.

For example, Arrigo di­rected the Board of Health to issue an order to limit the number of customers in stores based on square footage, with grocery stores such as the busy Market Basket location on Squire Road, being limited to 140 customers in the store at any one time.

The edict is being fol­lowed at the store. As one customer leaves the store, another is allowed to enter the store.

“The city is pleased with the partnership and cooper­ation with the policy,” said Arrigo.

It seemed, or so it ap­peared to customers, that following Arrigo’s decision to direct the order, other stores, big and small, re­gional and national, were soon following suit or si­multaneously enacting sim­ilar policies.

Arrigo also was ahead with his announcements on the now-famous bullhorn encouraging visitors to Re­vere Beach to practice so­cial distancing. Gov. Char­lie Baker has since ordered the closure of all DCR parking areas at beaches.

Restaurants on the Beach, including Kelly’s Roast Beef and Renzo’s, voluntarily agreed with the Mayor’s suggestion that walkup service be curtailed at the busy restaurants be­cause customers had been waiting outside in long lines and many had not been practicing the social distancing (6 feet away from the person ahead or behind you in line) proce­dures.

And the Mayor’s virtu­al town hall with Board of Health Chair Dr. Nathalee Kong is believed to have been the first such confer­ence conducted by a mayor in the region.

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