Make your voice heard — vote in the Presidential Primary

The revelation last week by members of our intelligence agencies to Congress that the Russians once again are, and will be, interfering in our electoral process is an ominous portent for the national election in November.
The recent experience of the mismanaged vote-counting at the Democratic caucuses in Iowa has shown the limits of the technology that we have employed to replace paper ballots and its susceptibility to being bungled and hacked.
Even worse, the extreme form of gerrymandering and voter suppression in the Southern states brings into question whether some in our own country even believe in the democratic process.
Together, these developments should give all of us good reason to be fearful about the future of our republic. That may sound dire and overly-dramatic, but it’s a reality that we cannot ignore.
The one thing that had set us apart from every other nation in the world — the sanctity and fairness of our electoral process — has been shown to be vulnerable not only to foreign influence, but also to a combination of our own incompetence, our misplaced faith in 21st century technology, and the blatant self-interest of certain political groups.
In an era when cynics are proclaiming that we are sliding into the realm of a banana republic, it therefore is essential that all of us who have the ability to vote must do so.
Early-voting already is underway in Massachusetts for the Presidential Primary election, which will be held this coming Tuesday. There are 15 candidates on the Democratic side of the ballot and four Republicans, as well as Libertarian and Green party candidates.
The only way that we can overcome the forces who are seeking to destroy our democracy is to exercise the one thing — our right to vote — that has set us apart from every other nation in the world since our founding.
We urge all of our readers to get out and vote — doing so never has been more crucial to maintaining our democratic principles.

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