Letters to Editor 2-26-2020

Dear Editor,
Upon my Retirement from the City of Revere this week, I would like to thank all of the taxpayers. It was my pleasure to serve as the Assistant Tax Collector for the last 21 ½ years. I know that my job was to collect your payments but I always tried to make you smile. I am proud to say that Revere has the best and friendliest taxpayers. I would like to thank the Treasurer/Collector, George M. Anzouni and all four Mayors and their administrations that I have worked for. Also, I would like to say it was most enjoyable working with all of my co-workers and the many others who interacted with the Collector’s Office. I dedicated myself to the City and my work; so after some much needed time off, I plan to work part-time elsewhere and enjoy life.
Renee Conte

Dear Editor,
We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Stop & Shop on Squire Road and their customers for their generosity, which allows our local chapter of St. Vincent de Paul to assist those in our community that are in need of our help. If it were not for their donations, we would not be able to serve those who come to us at the same level, which we now provide.
St. Vincent de Paul Society
St. Mary of the Assumption Parish

Dear Editor,
It is my hope that you do not get short changed with regard to all that you deserve in the 50+ age group known as the “senior citizen.” You are the foundation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is my wish for all of you that you be recognized and do receive every benefit that you are due.
My commitment to you is to be the voice to be heard on your behalf. What I want is your support.
Know that I have complete faith in all of you. These are historical times, and Revere your voice must be heard. You are the people of Revere, who have promoted the growth and life of the City of Revere itself. In other words you are the “Foundation” of Revere.
To remind you that the 2020 CENSUS is coming along. Do not overlook your contribution and participation in the Census. You count in your district.
Be cautious about this Cornona Virus, it is very important that you ‘Wash Your Hands.’
I am a member of the Massachusetts Silver Legislature. Any concerns or questions that you may have contact directly.
Judith S. Robicheau
Massachusetts Silver Legislature

Vote for Valentino Capobianco
Dear Editor,
I am humbly asking you to vote for my longtime friend and colleague Valentino Capobianco for re-election to the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee in the First Suffolk and Middlesex District. Valentino will appear on the Presidential Primary Ballot on Tuesday March 3, 2020.
I have had the honor and privilege in working with Valentino since he decided to volunteer in his community at the age of 15. Professionally we serve together on the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee together representing the First Suffolk and Middlesex District. In 2017, as a member Democratic Party Platform Committee Valentino successfully advocated for language requiring Presidential Candidates to release their tax returns.
As a member of the Winthrop School Committee, he led the effort to improve full free day kindergarten to help reduce the financial burden on working families. Capobianco supported Question 3 in 2018 and in doing so, he fought for LGBTQ students, and earlier this year the Winthrop School Committee passed a resolution in favor of the “Student Opportunity Act” which changed the Chapter 70 funding formula. He diligently worked within the town budget to approve two Teachers contracts with salary increases, without layoffs and without a proposition 2.5-percent Override.
Valentino is a kindhearted hard working young man that loves public service. He is a leader that we can trust and it is my honor to ask you to join me in voting for Valentino Capobianco for Democratic State Committee on Tuesday March 3 2020.
Denise LoConte
Democratic State Committee Woman

Warren for President – Rebuild the Middle Class
Dear Editor,
I am supporting Elizabeth Warren because I believe she is the real deal, and has demonstrated a sincere advocacy for consumers and the working middle class.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was originally proposed in 2007 by then Harvard Law School professor and current US Sen. Elizabeth Warren.In her 2017 book “This Fight is Our Fight” Elizabeth Warren describes how the United States in some ways has done well over the last 40 years. Productivity has gone up and profits have gone up but executives have received handsome raises and workers pay did not keep pace with inflation. During this period, the top 10 percent have received pretty much all of the income growth and the bottom 90 percent have received almost nothing.
She tells how over the years there has been an erosion of support for three types of investments: infrastructure, research, and education and how this erosion has had a negative impact on the economy overall and the middle class in particular.
Failure to invest in our infrastructure has impeded the ability of our country to compete in a global environment, as cutbacks hamper creativity and productivity. And as tax paying citizens, we expect a safe and healthy environment in our communities. Yet in Massachusetts as well as other states, citizens have already endured infrastructure issues that have devastated homes and put people at risk. This is disgraceful.
Cutbacks in investments in research mean that we are forgoing breakthroughs in medical science. As I see it, Massachusetts has some of the best research facilities in the nation and I would like to see investments for breakthroughs in cancer and other diseases such as ALS or Parkinson’s disease in my lifetime. A breakthrough could have saved a life in my family, as a dear aunt suffered greatly from ALS before passing away.
The significant reduction in education investment over the years is directly responsible for the greatly reduced opportunities now available to the middle class. Public schools struggle as support for education that used to be provided by various government programs are cut.
Elizabeth Warren sees these problems – and has a plan for tackling each of them. This and her intelligence, courage, and ability to work with many people to make things happen are why I support her for President.
Donna Nugent

Most Sincere Thanks
Dear Editor,
I want to sincerely thank all of the First Responders who helped to take care of me during my recent Medical Emergency. Special thanks to Patricia at the Revere Police who took the call.
You are all wonderful.
Connie Millerick

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