Revere CARES presents its Community Champion Awards

Revere CARES (Revere Community Action Resources and Education to Sustain a Healthier Community) honored five individuals with Community Champion Awards during the organization’s Annual Celebration held Jan. 14 at the Marina at the Wharf Restaurant and Bar.

The five honorees were:

Damian DeMarco, Gibson Park Community Garden Beehive received Revere on the Move Champion Award, for his dedication and contribution to the Urban Farming Initiative in his role as beekeeper and educator.

Mariya Emille Inocentes, RHS senior received Youth Health Leader Award, for her impressive personal growth and leadership skills.

Dr. Dianne Kelly, superintendent of Revere schools received Community Partner Award, for her loyalty and commitment to serve Revere youth and their families in the best way possible.

Techrosette Leng, Revere city planner received City Partner Award, for her collaboration and support in developing the coalition’s new direction of workforce development.

Dr. Josh Vadala, assistant superintendent of Revere schools received Community Partner Award, for  his valuable contributions to the coalition’s initiatives.

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