McKenna Requests Decibel Monitors for Beachmont

Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna is asking residents to call the Massport Authority to register complaints about planes flying at a lower altitude and creating more noise and affecting the quality of life for residents.

The Council supported McKenna’s motion and her public request that residents call Massport directly to state their complaints.

McKenna said the new flight paths have resulted in 6,400 planes being registered as flying over the Beachmont neighborhood in one month. She added that planes are flying over Beachmont at a height of “200 feet.”

“I’m really concerned about this,” said McKenna. “The noise has increased dramatically. People are having a hard time living their lives there. They can’t sleep. They get up at 2 o’clock in the morning because th plans are flying 24/7. I’m just asking for Massport to put in some decibel noise monitors so we can test the noise that’s going on in Beachmont.

“We don’t have a voice,” added McKenna. “Medford scored the highest number of complaints in the state with 3,500 noise complaints. Beachmont had eight complaints, so we need a voice. I’m just asking this city to stand up to Massport.”

Councillor-at-Large George Rotondo, who is a nurse, said the exhausts from the low-flying planes and the increased air traffic “has an effect on your life, has an effect on your health.”

Rotondo said the city should launch a concerted campaign where residents unite and call Massport with their complaints about the noise and the negative effect the planes have on the city’s residents.

McKenna asked residents to call Massport at 617-561-3333 to register their complaints.

“Every time you call, they register the call,” said McKenna. “Every month, you can see how many calls come from Beachmont, from Medford, from Chelsea.”

Council President Arthur Guinasso suggested that the phone number be publicized in local newspapers and other media. Guinasso said the increased noise is affecting all residents of Revere.

“We’ve been dealing with this issue for 35-40 years,” said Guinasso. “We need to re-address this and for the public to be a part of it.”

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