Police Briefs 10-02-2019

Ok, It’s Not Me

One Revere man was fine assuming a false identity, until he learned the person whom he was pretending to be had arrest warrants.

Officers observed the man fail to stop at a stop sign on Sept. 23 at 10:40 p.m. and proceeded to stop his vehicle.

Officer secured his license and ran it as a routine check, finding that there were two warrant.

When told of the warrants, the man decided to come clean and said he’s actually not the person on the license – that it was someone else with the warrants.

Police arrested him anyway, and ran his fingerprints at the station.

It turned out he was not the person on the license, even though the picture was of him. Officer Matthews, who stopped the man, had received special training in identity theft and recognized that the Social Security Number used by the driver matched those that tend to be stolen from Puerto Rican citizens.

It was the case it appeared.

Nelson Avendano, 45, of 343 Beach St., was charged with failing to stop, unlicensed operation, false application for a driver’s license, disguising identity to obstruct justice and identity fraud.

Road Rage

A man reported to police on Sept. 24 that another driver had threatened to kill him while stuck in Broadway traffic around 8 a.m.

Police took a log entry, but the victim had little information to relay other than it was a black Kia. Police found no vehicles like that in the area, and the matter was logged.

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