Summer Work, Teacher Training Has Revere Schools Ready for a Great Year

Last week thousands of students in the city returned to school to begin the 2019/2020 school year.

“We are so excited for our new school year; to reconnect with our returning students and meet our new students,” said Revere School Superintendent Dianne Kelly. “Our focus this year will remain on Building Community, Teaching all Students, and Assessment of and for Student Learning.”

Kelly said through these goals, Revere schools will focus heavily on equity and creating a more equitable systems for students.

Kelly also said several projects over the summer have improved Revere School facilities ahead of the new school year.

“This summer, we’ve been working on a number of facility improvements at all of our schools,” said Kelly.  “Our largest projects included upgrading the electrical system at Lincoln; refurbishing our gymnasium floors at Beachmont, Lincoln, Garfield, and Revere High School; and creating a paved path from the RHS parking lot to American Legion Highway.  I want to thank Mayor Arrigo, Revere DPW and our own maintenance crew who made these projects possible.”

Teachers have also been working throughout the summer in various professional development programs with a focus on cultural competency, social and emotional learning strategies, and practices in restorative justice practices.

Cultural competency training will help teachers bring cultural understanding into the classroom and help prepare schools to foster global learning about different cultures.

Social and emotional learning strategies will help educators in Revere reach positive goals with students through understanding and managing emotions, showing empathy for others while establishing and maintaining positive relationships within the schools.

The focus on restorative justice practices in Revere Schools supports the safety and well-being of all students by developing positive relationships and fostering school connectedness while building social-emotional competencies to empower positive academic outcomes.

“Through all of our work, our goal is to ensure that all students and families feel welcomed as active members of our school community,” said Kelly. “Please consider taking an active role in your school PTO/PTA organization, the School Improvement Council, as a volunteer, or in any other way you are able to do so. We know that when schools and families collaborate, our students reach higher levels of success. We look forward to working with you so that each child is successful in school and beyond.”

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