Letters to the Editor

Dear Mr. John R. Correggio:

John Correggio, candidate for Councillor-at-Large has received the following endorsement.

To the Editor:

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to inform you that the Heat & Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers Union Local No. 6 endorse your candidacy for Revere City Council.

We appreciate your dedication and commitment to the working families you represent in our communities. We thank you for all past support and we wish you continued success in your upcoming election.

We would like to invite you to tour our training facilities, meet our apprentices and have a brief discussion on who we are and what we represent. Again, thank you for all you do and looking forward to speaking with you.

James R. Lister

Business Manager

Campaign for Mayor

To the Editor,

I would like to thank the residents and voters of our community for accepting and engaging our committee of dedicated volunteers as our campaign for Mayor circulates throughout the City. We’ve enjoyed the thousands of conversations we’ve had: from listening to your frustrations with City Hall, to discussing the potential changes we can make to improve the quality of life for all of our residents.

Over the next several months we will be providing factual information to the voters that pertains to both my administration (2012-2016), and Mayor Arrigo’s administration (2016-2020). Then, on November 5 th , voters will be able to make an informed decision as to who is best suited to serve as their Mayor for the next four years.

And we believe this election will come down to one basic premise:

Who can you trust to lead our city forward over the next four years?

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that, as was reported to us by residents back in the 2015 election, voters are once again receiving phone calls very late at night from people claiming to be from the “Rizzo Committee” in an obvious effort to irritate and anger potential voters. It is unconscionable to me how a tactic like this could possibly be utilized, but having received reports from several residents, it has once again become a very sad reality.

While volunteer phone calls are a part of political campaigning that virtually all candidates utilize, I want to assure our residents that if you ever receive a call after 8 p.m. from people claiming to be from our committee: they are not who they say they are. I would encourage you to record the number that is shown on your caller-ID, if available, and contact us with that information at our headquarters. Our number is 617-755-2920.

We are committed to running a campaign that is respectful to our residents and to other candidates seeking public office. We will always use discretion over how we engage voters, and I hope that all candidates will hold themselves to those same standards.

Dan Rizzo

Candidate for Mayor

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