Revere Beach Banners Seek to Connect Present with the Past

Strolling along Revere Beach it’s hard to imagine what was there years ago. But now a project between the Revere Society for Cultural and Historic Preservation (RHSCHP) and the City of Revere with the support of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Conservation, people will be able to view decorative banners that showcase the history of Revere Beach

They are hung from the light poles, and these banners will illustrate a series of images of the period of 1896-1960s a “Stroll Through Time” at Revere Beach.

Additional non-profit organizations were also consulted throughout the creative process including The Revere Beach Partnership, The Beachmont Improvement Committee, The Revere Beautification Committee and the Medford Vocational Technical High School, Graphic Art Department under the leadership of Lou Spagnola.  

Also helping to sponsor this project is the Ash family, the Festa family, Gate Residential, Lixi Group, the DiCesare Family, Vanguard -Elliot on the Ocean, Atlantic Management, Belfonti Companies and Gansett Ventures. 

The majority of photographs and historical details used on the banners were provided by Bob Upton’s The project consists of 38 streetlight banners along the western side of Revere Beach Boulevard between Eliot Circle and Revere Street.  Each of these banners will display a different historical scene from the corresponding to its actual location on the Boulevard.

These banners will be supplemented by three ground-level kiosk locations on which will display materials on the background of the project as well as its various sponsorships. The kiosks will be located at Eliot Circle, at Revere Street (at the 300 Ocean Ave area of Revere Beach Boulevard) and the Markey pedestrian bridge.

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