Parking Meter Investigation ends; Reforms Project Record Revenue

Mayor Brian M. Arrigo expressed satisfaction with the closure of the investigation of a Revere Parking Department technician and emphasized the success of Parking Department reforms and technology improvements implemented since an internal audit revealed a trend of declining meter revenue dating to 2012.  A criminal charge of larceny over $250 has been filed against a former Department employee following an investigation by Revere Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office.

Mayor Arrigo listed a series of initiatives that were put in place shortly after an internal audit was completed in July of 2018 that showed a steady decline in parking meter revenue starting in 2013.  The initiatives included hiring a new Parking Clerk, reorganizing the department, overhauling collection schedules and implementing tighter controls over collection practices.  Mayor Arrigo also authorized the installation of new “smart” meters in the Broadway and Shirley Avenue business districts, and the purchase of new technology that strictly monitors revenue and eliminates unsecured cash exposure.

These reforms have the Parking Department on pace to collect a record amount of parking meter revenue, with 2019 projections nearing $150,000. The increased parking revenue will reap tangible benefits.  “Revere at long last will be able to create a Parking Benefits District under the 2016 statewide Municipal Modernization Act,” said Mayor Arrigo.  “Our parking meter revenues will be reinvested directly back into the parking district for improvements in pedestrian safety and neighborhood aesthetics, with new benches, trees, and lighting in our business districts.”

 Mayor Arrigo ordered an internal audit of all city departments in March of 2016.  That audit recommended further review of cash collection procedures in the City, and the Parking Department came under specific scrutiny due to a dramatic decrease in parking meter revenue over a number of years.  As a result of an audit of the Parking Department, two employees were placed on unpaid administrative leave and the information turned over to Revere Police.  The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office determined that criminal charges were warranted against one of the employees. Further measures against the two employees will follow the City’s internal administrative personnel process. 

 “We applaud the City of Revere for taking proactive measures to ensure the public trust,” Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins said.  “The efforts they are taking to move forward with new policies and procedures will provide for more accountability for all.”

“Our promise to the residents of Revere is accountability, transparency, and modernized services,” said Mayor Arrigo.  “When we learned the results of the audit, we took hold of a troublesome situation and since then have turned the Parking Department into an exemplary department that now functions efficiently and improves quality of life for our residents and business owners.  The people of Revere   deserve the best from city services and staff meets the highest standards of integrity,” Mayor Arrigo said.

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