Councillor Novoselsky Seeks Response from National Grid

Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky is upset with National Grid and its contractors using local streets in the Garfield neighborhood as staging areas for their work on gas line connections to home.

“National Grid has been parking its heavy-duty equipment on city streets while they’re working on other areas, specifically Wolcott Road, Curtis Road, Clark Road,” said Novoselsky. “They have trailers down there that cut pipe and they leave their debris. They park downloaders on the street for days and days.”

Novoselsky said National Grid often leaves its trucks on the side streets off of North Shore Road, between Revere Beach Parkway and Dana Street.

“We’ve been dealing with these issues for over a year now,” said Novoselsky. “The street (North Shore Road) is bumpy like you wouldn’t believe.”

The councillor has requested that National Gird repave the entire road, “from curb to curb.”

“It’s not fair to the neighbors,” said Novoselsky. “National Grid is violating all city ordinances regarding overnight parking for heavy commercial vehicles.”

Novoselsky said he has sponsored motions at City Council meetings seeking a response from National Grid, but he continues to cite “a lack of cooperation” from company officials.

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