Mayor Arrigo Announces Starting Date for Community Center Programs at Garfield School

Following through on an announcement that he made during his State of the City Address, Mayor Brian Arrigo stated that a number of after-school, youth and adult programs will begin in September at the George V. Colella Multi-Cultural Center at the Garfield School.

Arrigo said the Community Center will be for all Revere residents.

“Some of our thoughts on programming will be after school sports and clubs, swimming, youth and adult open gym for soccer and basketball, yoga classes, theater classes, music lessons, and foreign language classes,” said Arrigo, adding that community productions or plays could be a product of the theater classes.

The Colella Center will also be used as a community meeting place and for special events and pop-up programs.

“As always, our plan is to have as many programs as possible for free, but there may be some programs that charge a minimal free,” said Arrigo.

The center’s hours of operations are still to be determined, but the mayor indicated that the Center will be open Monday through Saturday, with the potential for limited hours on Sunday.

“Programming and participation will help mold future hours of operation,” said Arrigo.

The mayor said that there will be on-site coordinator at the Center. Some of the Revere Parks and Recreation Department’s programming will be moved to the Community Center.

“However, a vast majority of the programming will be new,” said Arrigo.

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