Thank You to All

Dear Editor,

We witnessed a beautiful moment of community service in the City of Revere this weekend as volunteers poured out to add their hands and backs in a city-wide cleanup.  I’m so proud of the generous gift of time and labor donated by persons of all ages.

We gathered in the afternoon to party on the lawn of the American Legion Hall. We ate sausages, peppers and onions, burgers, potato salad, and more. Sometimes we take these things for granted, but do we ever think about who has peeled all those potatoes, sautéed those peppers and onions, schlepped all those tables and chairs, and then cleaned up again. Well, thank you! Great job!

The Beachmont Improvement Committee is especially happy to have our hopes and our ambitious plans begin to come to fruition.  About a dozen men, headed up by Don Ciaramella and members of the entire Water Department, as well as members of the BIC, gave up their entire Saturday and Sunday to rebuild the crumbling stairs that span from Summer Street to Pearl Avenue. When I went to the site and offered to buy them pizza, they said they couldn’t stop to eat because rain was coming. We can’t begin to thank them enough.

We are the Beachmont Improvement Committee. We love Revere; it’s a wonderful community in which to live and work. Instead of complaining about what we need, we get proactive. We have had endless conversations with the City discussing the public stairs throughout Revere. We have written grants and projected our desire to anyone we thought might help us. We are holding the Day at the Races fundraiser at Suffolk Downs on May 18 to raise funds to fix more stairs.

Thank you to all,

Kathleen Heiser, BIC President

The Best

Dear Editor,

This past weekend people all over Revere participated in the Annual Spring Cleanup campaign to clear out the debris left by the fall leaves, winter snows and to make ready for the beauty of spring and summer. On this day every year the best in Revere is on display throughout the city.

In one of these events, Beachmont was able to experience and benefit from a shining example of the “Best” in our city. The dedication of the staff from the City of Revere’s Water Department who, led by Donny Ciarmello, came to Beachmont and gave up two very long and very hard days of their time (without pay) to restore the public stairs from Pearl Avenue to Webster Street

The Beachmont Improvement Committee and all of Beachmont thanks you for what you helped us accomplish this past weekend. Without your experience, dedication and support in planning and executing this restoration effort we would never have accomplished what we did. We are truly grateful for you community spirit and dedication. You all are truly THE BEST.

Ed Deveau – Beachmont Improvement Committee

College Debt

Dear Editor,

Regarding your editorial College Debit Is A National Crisis and Disgrace. While I agree with all of your points, a major driver of the crisis is that students can secure unlimited amounts of loan money and that their debts cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. So, these debts may be with them for the rest of their lives. They can even have their Social Security payments subject to garnishment. Alternatively, colleges have no skin in the game and the result has been tuitions that have risen much higher than the over-all rate of inflation. The federal government and that means us, are on the hook to reimburse the colleges for any defaults.

John Penta

Thank You Revere

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank my family, friends, neighbors and the residents of Revere for giving my husband Danny and I the opportunity to share in this wonderful community that we call home- the great city of Revere. 

We love this city and care about its future.  That’s why I was proud to stand with him along with so many friends and supporters back on Thursday April 4th, when he announced his candidacy for Mayor. Our decision was only made after carefully discussing the process and considering what life would be like both during and after the election. 

As the wife of someone that has had the opportunity to serve as a full time Mayor, and having watched the tremendous workload and toll that managing a city can have on a family, it was a lot for me to absorb and finally agree to.  I agreed to this decision because as I said before, we love Revere, and I know just how passionate Danny is about helping make people’s lives the best they can be. 

But the hard work in doing the job can pale in comparison to the nasty, negative, and personal natures associated with political campaigns. 

As the parents of two sons, and now proud grandparents to two (soon to be three!) granddaughters, negative personal attacks affect all of us.  Danny has always remained positive and campaigned on issues that matter to residents.  The politics of personal destruction should have no room in elections, and certainly no room in our great community.  It only distracts voters from the conversations and discussions that will ultimately separate and distinguish candidates’ views, visions, and records of accomplishments.

I am proud of the campaigns we have run together in the past and look forward to working with our dedicated committee of volunteers and supporters to communicate Danny’s vision for a city we can all be proud of.


Jane Rizzo

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