Volare Gets Hours Restored

The License Commission gave back some hours to a Broadway restaurant even after commissioners held discussions about allegedly serving intoxicated patrons and failure to properly control a licensed premise.

Volare had its hours rolled back to 11 p.m. after an incident a month ago. It was also brought up that in February a male patron of the establishment allegedly left the restaurant and crashed his car.

Attorney James Cipoletta, who represents Volare, acknowledged the patron was over the legal limit. The patron was arrested and a substance was found in the car, Cipoletta said. Lt. Robert Impemba said he could not go into great detail because the cases are pending. Volare uses four security people and one Revere police officer to monitor patrons.

“The issue is the clientele and crowd its drawing causing problems for the establishment,” said Commissioner Linda Guinasso. “I’m concerned about the venue. Live video in Volare does not come with your entertainment license.”

Guinasso held up a flyer announcing it as a place to drink.

“It’s a good restaurant but you’re getting the after-crowd you are looking for,” she said. “Out of all the businesses in the city we see you the most.”

Chairman Robert Selevitch suggested implementing a dress code.

“People are fed up with what’s going on and you need to address that,” Selevitch said.

“Is it a restaurant or a nightclub?” Guinasso asked. “You have a restaurant license, not a club license. It’s illegal for you to run a club.”

The commission, putting Volare’s on notice, restored the 1 a.m. closing time for a probationary period of a year.

In other commission business:

• Nino’s Restaurant and Bar, 7B Everett St., hours of operation approved for 2 a.m.

• Sabrine Bakery and Café, 91 Centennial Ave., hours extended to 2 a.m. during Ramadan.

• Wraps on the Beach, 425 Revere Beach Boulevard, outdoor seating for 24 approved.

• La Esquina del Sabor, 1 Unity Ave., hours extended to midnight for a 90-day trial basis.

• Royal Lodge Loyal Order of Moose, 470 Broadway, change of manager from Wesley Clemons to Jennifer Santana.

• Boston Harley Davidson, 649-1 Squire Road, approved for seven one-day licenses for malt, common victualler and entertainment for special events at the store.

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