21 People Displaced by Fire on Thornton Street

Twenty-one people were displaced after a four-alarm fire consumed a six-family home on early Wednesday morning March 20.

The call came in around midnight for smoke in the building, which quickly rose to four alarms.

The fire appears to have started in the basement, but investigators are still working to determine the cause.

The triple-decker at 21-23 Thornton St. was a total loss. The roof and multiple floors burned through and collapsed.

“I was just able to grab my daughter and run out the door,” said resident Norma Mendoza, who narrowly escaped the blaze. “I couldn’t see anything. As soon as I opened my door, the house was full of smoke.”

According to Revere Deputy Fire Chief Anthony Giampietro, the fire was already strong when crews arrived at the scene, making it a difficult to fight as it was so involved when they got there.

The Red Cross was on the scene to assist residents with housing. Revere Fire Department Fire Investigator Captain Mark Wolfgang, with assistance from the State Police Fire Investigator have ruled the cause of the fire as accidental.

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