Letters to the Editor

Correggio Endorsed by Local 589

Dear Editor,

The following endorsement was written to Candidate for City Council John R. Corregio before being acquired by the Revere Journal. It reads as follows:

Dear Brother Correggio:

It is with great pleasure the Executive Board and Membership of the Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589 of the Almagated Transit Union, AFL/CIO-CLC, who represent over 5,900 workers at the MBTA, has endorsed your candidacy for Revere City Councillor.

The Carmen’s Union feels very fortunate to have a friend of your stature and integrity running for re-election in the City of Revere. You are a great asset to the working men and women in the City of Revere. Therefore, Local 589 urges all their members and their families who live in Revere to support your candidacy for Revere City Councillor.


John A. Clancy

Now Is a Time for Good Neighbors

Dear Editor,

As we mourn the tragic loss of human life in at the Christ Church, New Zealand mosque, it’s worth mentioning the wonderful Muslim community that has taken root in Revere.  These are our neighbors, classmates, friends, business owners, and community helpers. We thank them for their contributions to our community.  We thank them for their friendship. And we deplore all stereotypical notions about them, the same negative stereotypes that burdened our Irish and Italian ancestors, as well as many other newer ethnic groups in our history. For example, the Irish immigrants were accused of seeking a Papal state in the U.S. Italian immigrants were accused of being anarchists. I hope that Mayor Arrigo, City Councilors, and other community leaders will, in this difficult time, reach out to the Muslim community through visits to local mosques and community centers. I would urge all my fellow non-Muslim Revere citizens to visit a mosque, reach out to a neighbor, visit a Halal store, or do anything you can to let our friends and neighbors know that they are appreciated and welcome here in this great city.


Joseph McHugh

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