Letters to the Editor

On DeLeo’s Greenworks Proposal

Dear Editor,

Speaker DeLeo’s billion-dollar GreenWorks proposal could offer much-needed support to Winthrop, other coastal towns, and all the Commonwealth’s communities as we face greater extremes of tides and weather. But as with any local distribution of grants, the details will matter. Will GreenWorks primarily help towns shore up their own local resilience to climate change? Or will the grants support reductions in carbon emissions that will mitigate the larger problem? Unless we stop adding more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, adaptation will inevitably fall short.

So Mr. Speaker, as your GreenWorks plan advances through the House, why not also support the 100 percent Renewable Energy bill? Let’s address our local needs but also make sure we are doing our part as global citizens to reduce our overall carbon emissions. Full carbon neutrality as quickly as possible is the only sensible response to this urgent problem.

Brent Whelan

Correggio endorsed by Bricklayers

Dear Editor,

The following letter addressed to Council Candidate John R. Correggio from the Bricklayers and Allied Craftsman Union Local 3.and picked up by the Journal. It is as follows:

Dear John:

Since we recognize and appreciate that you are truly a defender and a dedicated worker for peace, social justice and equality for working men and women, the Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Union Local 3 strongly and proudly endorse your candidacy for the Revere City Council in the November 2019 election.

We pledge our friendship, our support and our hard work in making your election a sucess.


Charles Raso


Benefits of Youth Sports

Dear Editor,

I felt empowered to tell you about the benefits to playing youth sports and specifically the impact youth football has on children.

The bill recently presented through the legislature has very little understanding of how the sport has evolved and taken a proactive stance to significantly reduce the risk of head trauma.  The investment in substantial training and state of the art equipment has been paramount in youth football for the last decade.

It’s disappointing to see a bill be brought forth with such a lack of understanding or even the decency to invite leaders in the sport to discuss feelings and or better understand what goes into Youth, Pop Warner and Middle School leagues accords the Commonwealth. This proposed bill does nothing more then to continue to tarnish the good reputation Pop Warner Football has in our communities.

I would like to invite any members of our community to see what we do to make this sport a safe and invaluable resource to the Youth of Revere.


Patrick M Keefe Jr.

Revere Pop Warner PresidentRevere Ward 4 City Councillor

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