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Accident on Tuesday, Stolen Car

About 5:15 a.m. on Tuesday, officers were dispatched to the area of Ocean Avenue where a caller stated they were behind a stolen motor vehicle that was on the news the previous night. 
Officers then observed the vehicle, heading westbound on the Parkway in front of the police station and attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle fled onto Rt. 1A southbound and failed to stop. The vehicle then struck a pick-up truck in traffic and caused it to roll over. The operator of the truck was trapped in the vehicle, and Revere Fire was able to extract him. He was transported to the hospital, and his injuries appear non-life threatening.
The stolen motor vehicle sustained heavy damage in the crash and came to a stop southbound on Rt. 1A. There were four occupants in the vehicle, and three occupants were taken into custody. The fourth, who fled on foot was taken into custody minutes later northbound on Rt. 1A. All four are juveniles. There were two replica firearms located in regard to this vehicle. The vehicle was involved in a carjacking in Burlington Monday night.

Threatened with a Firearm

Revere Police have arrested a Lynn man who allegedly threatened a victim with a firearm in the area of Copeland Circle.

The victims told police that the man had become enraged and threatened them with a firearm that he produced. Witnesses came forward to help police, and Saugus Police helped in locating the man.

The man was positively identified as being involved and arrested.

No weapon was found.

Jeffrey Satterwhite, 28, of Lynn, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

Forged Handicap Placard

One astute Parking Enforcement officer alerted police to what looked like a fake handicap placard on Feb. 6, a placard that was used to park in the choicest of spots.

The enforcement officer alerted the Traffic Division, and the police officer was able to run an investigation and find the placard was phony.

Ana Aquiar, 41, of Peabody, was charged with forging an RMV document and misuse of a handicap placard.

Smashed into a Car, Fence

A Park Avenue man has been charged with wanton destruction after hitting a car and a fence on Dale Street and trying to flee.

Around 11:58 p.m. on Feb. 2, police were called to the area of Dale Street by witnesses who said a man hit several items with his car. Police arrived and found that the man had hit a fence on Dale Street. Later, they learned from witnesses that he had hit a car up the street and damaged its bumper and wheels.

Jimy Umanzor Yanes, 32, of 458 Park Ave., was charged with unlicensed operation, leaving the scene of property damage and wanton destruction of property under $1,200.

Assaulted at Showcase Lot

Two pedestrians nearly hit by a car in the lot of Showcase Cinema were assaulted by the driver of the car that almost hit them on Feb. 4.

Around 9:17 p.m., the two victims were walking in the parking lot when the car nearly hit them. Some words were exchanged between both parties and the driver of the car allegedly got out. At that point, he allegedly assaulted both victims and then fled the area.

Police are still trying to identify the assailant.

Price Tag Scheme

One man scanned a Pyrex Container into the check out kiosk, but tried to leave the store with a $600 air purifier – among other goodies – on Feb. 4.

Police charged a Winthrop Avenue man with nine counts of price tampering at the Target Store in Suffolk Downs around noon. Police and store security believe the man was changing price tags on items, and then using the self-check out kiosk to scan the items and pay. On one item, police said the man scanned a $4.99 Pyrex container, but actually bought a $600 Dyson air purifier. The man allegedly made off with $1,176 in stolen items.

Jeisson David Sosa-Palacio, 26, of 81 Winthrop Ave., was charged with nine counts of shoplifting by price tampering.

Intimidating a Witness

Police have filed additional charges against a Lynnfield man for threatening a witness in a criminal case via Facebook.

Around 7:12 p.m., police were alerted that a witness in one of their cases had been threatened online via Facebook.

Calvin Charles Clemons, 28, of Lynnfield, was charged with intimidating a witness.

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