Revere Residents Reach For The Stars- Massport Honors Logan Employees Who Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) awarded Revere residents Jennifer Mora and Vanessa Nova with the Authority’s “Logan Stars” award. The award honors non-Massport employees at Boston Logan International Airport who exemplify the highest level of customer service and/or perform acts of courage.

Mora is the Boston Station Manager for Cape Air and Nova is the Boston Station Supervisor for Cape Air. They were recognized by Massport for their contribution to Massport’s “Operation Ready” drill. In 2018, they and several representatives of Jet Blue assisted Massport Fire and Rescue in planning for the drill and they provided exceptional customer service for the Family and Friends Reception Center Workshop, which is a critical part of Logan Airport’s emergency preparedness.

“The safety and security of our passengers and employees is our top priority,” said Acting Massport CEO John Pranckevicius. “The ‘Operation Ready’ drill allows us to continually practice and prepare for a potential disaster at the airport. We rely on exceptional volunteers, like Jennifer and Vanessa, to make these exercises as realistic as possible so we can effectively respond should the unthinkable happen.”

“The Logan Stars award gives Massport the opportunity to shine a spotlight on individuals, like Jennifer and Vanessa who go above and beyond the call of duty,” said Pranckevicius.

The award recognizes the contributions of Logan employees in one or more categories:

• Providing exceptional customer service.

• Engaging in an act of bravery and/or heroism.

• Improving safety or security.

• Increasing operational efficiency or excellence in a way that benefits the Logan community.

• And creating innovations or new work processes that benefit the Logan community as a whole.

The ceremony featured The Honorable Jane F. Garvey, the North American Chairman of Meridian Infrastructure, who served as the Aviation Director at Logan Airport in the early 1990s. Prior to her service at Logan, she was Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Public Works. She also served as Deputy Administrator and Acting Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration (FHA). In 1997, she was appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve as the 14th Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)–the first woman to lead the agency. During her tenure there, she led the FAA through Y2K preparation and implementation and through the extraordinarily formidable events of Sept. 11, 2001. Garvey is also known for her deliberate collaboration and ability to bring all stakeholders together.

“It is always great to have Jane back at Logan,” said Aviation Director Ed Freni. “Her years in public service should serve as a great example for all of us on how to serve our airport community with compassion and professionalism and, at the same time, not lose sight of the broader mission of public safety.” 

Mora has been with Cape Air since 2014. Nova has been with the company since 2008. Both of them were recognized during a ceremony at Logan’s Terminal E on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) owns and operates Boston Logan International Airport, public terminals in the Port of Boston, Hanscom Field and Worcester Regional Airport. Massport is a public authority whose premier transportation facilities generate more than $15 billion annually, and enhance and enable economic growth and vitality in New England. For more information please visit

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