A Dream Come True: Soccer Star Danny Gutierrez Will Attend Assumption College

Just how cool was Tuesday, Jan. 15 for Revere High School senior Danny Gutierrez?

Unforgettably cool. Amazingly cool. Dream-come-true cool.

Just imagine what a thrill it was for Jorge Gutierrez a former Peruvian professional soccer player, and his wife, Martha Posada, to watch their 17-year-old son, Danny, sign his Letter of Intent to attend Assumption College where he will continue his soccer career at the next level.

Add in the fact that several of his classmates and friends showed up for the ceremony and spontaneously cheered for Danny as he signed the letter.

Danny’s older sister, Vanessa, an RHS graduate and a senior at Emmanuel College, was also present for the impressive event (organized by Director of Athletics Frank Shea) as well. Vanessa spoke about how much this moment of personal triumph meant to Danny and their parents.

“I’m very proud of him,” said Vanessa, who will graduate in May with a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. “This is something he wanted ever since he was little. We did everything possible to help him reach his goal and make his dream come true and this is just the second steppingstone in his goal. The next stop is professional soccer, hopefully. This is a journey. It’s been tough and there have been setbacks, but this is his definition of success and I can’t to wait to see him play him soccer for Assumption.”

An early start in soccer

Danny Gutierrez began his soccer career at the age of 7 in the Revere Youth Soccer program under the direction of Cesar Salazar.

Gutierrez split his high school soccer years between the Boston Bolts elite club soccer team and the Revere High School program where he was an All-Star halfback and center midfielder.

Gutierrez, who is 5-feet-8-inches and weighs 145 pounds, will be a strong candidate for a starting center midfielder’s position right away on the Assumption College that plays in the Northeast-10 Conference.

“I feel great about receiving a scholarship to Assumption,” said Danny. “I just can’t wait to start because I’ve been working for this my whole life. I feel so good and blessed about this opportunity.”

Though he had received correspondences from Bryant and Framingham State University, he felt Assumption was the best choice.

“I’ve known the coach since I was really small, because he was the director for my private club, the Boston Bolts, and we have a really good connection,” said Danny. “He knows my style of play and my skills. The school gave me a great financial package.”

Danny said he was grateful to RHS soccer head coach Manny Lopes and assistant coach Geraldo Rodriguez for their soccer instruction and encouragement.

A commitment to excellence

Having been a professional soccer player himself back in his native Peru, Jorge Gutierrez knew the training, preparation, and commitment it took to be an elite soccer player. He became a pro at the age of 17, but gave up his soccer career when he came to the United States.

He said Danny showed an immediate joy in playing soccer and practiced for many, many hours in his development years.

“Danny worked hard to get to this level and become a college soccer player,” said Mr. Gutierrez, who works in the hotel industry. “He deserves this honor because he was totally dedicated and worked hard for this. As his parents, we support him 100 percent and my wife, my daughter, and I are so proud of him. Revere High has given our children a great education and the opportunity to attend college.”

Mr. Gutierrez said he looks forward to traveling to Worcester and other college campuses this fall to watch his son compete for the Assumption Greyhounds. It truly is a dream come true, from Lima, Peru, to Revere, Mass.

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