Revere Police Department Donates $5,000 to Cops for Kids with Cancer

Claudia Cardona knows exactly what it’s like to remain strong while being faced with adversity. The single mother of two has had her fair share of challenges over the years, but none as great as when her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in November 2016.

As the sole provider for her son Lukas, and her daughter, Emilia, Cardona worked hard running a daycare to make ends meet. When she received the heartbreaking news of 6-year-old Emilia’s diagnosis, Cardona had to cut back her work hours, so she could be by Emilia’s side while she spent countless hours in the hospital undergoing treatment.

Knowing the burden that is placed on a family when a child receives such a diagnosis, Cops for Kids with Cancer stepped in and donated $5,000 to Cardona, to relieve some of the financial pressure. The 501c3 paired up with the Revere Police Department to raise the funds which were presented to Cardona last Thursday. In addition to the check, Emilia was showered with Christmas gifts donated by the department.

“This is such a wonderful organization and it makes a great difference in so many lives,” said Police Chief James Guido.

Throughout the year, money is raised by Massachusetts police departments through various fundraisers, as well as private donations. The mission of Cops for Kids with Cancer is to assist families financially, so they can focus on helping their child beat cancer. Every month, the organization donates $5,000 to eight families, average $40,000 per month.  During the month of December, they step it up to 13 families, due to the holidays. Since 2003, the organization has raised $3.5 million by partnering with police departments.

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