Slow Down:City Installs New Radar Speed Limit Signs

Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe said he has witnessed many motorists speeding on Park Avenue and constantly eclipsing the legal 30 mph limit in the busy residential neighborhood.

Keefe, who lives in that neighborhood, sponsored a motion to look in to the feasibility of installing radar signs that would be visible to the motorists, illuminating the exact speed at which they are traveling.

Mayor Brian Arrigo did some research in other communities and determined that the solar-powered radar signs would work best in Revere.

“The signs are a good way of making sure that people know exactly how fast they are going and be mindful of the speed they’re taking on Park Avenue and around our schools,” said Arrigo.

Arrigo said Police Chief James Guido worked hard to get the signs installed and in operation.

“At the end of the day, what we all care about is making sure the community is a little bit safer,” said Arrigo. “I’m happy to support Councillor Keefe in this motion. The residents of Park Avenue will be happy to know that things are being done on their behalf to make sure the speed issues are taken care of.”

Guido called Keefe’s motion “a worthwhile project,” adding that he hopes to see additional signs installed in in the spring. “I want to let the people know the signs are for main roads and not for side streets. The signs are very costly and are for areas with a high traffic count,” said Guido.

Keefe said he was excited to have the Mayor’s Office and the Police Department support his motion.

“Park Avenue is a major through-way for our city, so anything we can do to help slow down the drivers and make them aware how fast they’re going, it adds to the safety of the community,” said O’Keefe.

The councillor added that he was pleased to see the signs being installed throughout the city, including on Washington Avenue and Sargent Street.

“It’s going to make our community even safer,” said Keefe.

“We have put in a new speed limit signs in area that we know that have experienced higher rates of speed in the city,” said Arrigo.

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