Powers Pleased to See Development Potential at Former Wonderland Greyhound Park Site

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers recalled the motion that he and Councillor-at-Large Bob Haas made three years ago to demolish the Wonderland Greyhound Park administration, grandstand, and clubhouse buildings.

Last week Powers saw the end result of the motion he co-sponsored with the late Mr. Haas, as the last portion of the Wonderland grandstand was demolished, leaving only a clean-up of the site remaining.

“I’m very happy that the demolition has taken place and the clean-up will be done by mid-December as promised,” said Powers, who visited the site often to follow the demolition efforts. “It is now a much more attractive site for any potential developer coming in, rather than having those buildings there.”

Powers said the site has “plenty of potential” for developers.

“That’s why Bob Haas and I put in the motion,” said the councillor, adding that he would like to see a commuter rail station constructed behind the Wonderland site.

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