Allow for Meaningful Reflections

It’s not often that the ever-flowing river of activity that gushes through our lives slows enough to allow meaningful reflection on the many reasons we can be thankful. Thanksgiving, though, is an important time for just that.

It’s quiet here in the Mayor’s office on a rainy Monday night. The City’s business has settled, at least for a few hours. So it’s a rare time that I can reflect on what I am thankful for as both as Mayor of this great city, and as a resident, raising a family here and facing the same challenges as my fellow residents.

Some 400 years ago, the Pilgrims celebrated what has been come to be known as the first Thanksgiving. President George Washington proclaimed the first national holiday in 1789, and the tradition revived during the Civil War. And here we are, once again, at this special time, to give thanks.

The holiday’s name, ‘Thanksgiving,’ quite succinctly embraces all its meaning. Those who first gathered to give thanks were grateful, no doubt, for such fundamental elements of life like food and survival. That is no less true today. Pausing to give thanks is sacred practice.

I start, as many would, with my family. Daveen, Joseph, and Jack are the source and the object of my energy, my spirit, my personal purpose. I am thankful for our health, our appreciation for each other, and our love for each other. Every issue of every day pales when compared to the importance of family.

I give thanks for the opportunities that I have as Mayor of the City to serve and improve the lives of our residents. Yes, I am even grateful for the obstacles or the disagreements that come with the job because dissimilar opinions that demand my attention produce selfless results and, ultimately, the best outcome for Revere.

I am grateful for all of the good people who devote their labor and effort to maintaining and operating our city. Firefighters, police officers, emergency responders, teachers, administrative staff, maintenance personnel, inspectors and enforcements officers, planners, laborers—the list is quite comprehensive. Every day, hundreds of them give of themselves to make our community a welcome and safe home for all. As a Mayor, and as a resident, I am grateful for their presence and their diligence.

We can all be grateful for the liberties of this country that give us the freedom to choose, express, aspire, and succeed in all our unlimited dreams. We thank the men and women who protect those liberties.

As I give thanks, I also wish all of the good people of Revere the opportunity to pause a minute and give thanks for all they have in their own lives. I pray that all for which they are thankful thrives and prospers in the coming year.

Yes, when that river of activity calms, and we take a moment to reflect, we can see that woven amid the joys and ordeals of our daily lives is much for which to be grateful. It is good reason to be happy, and to say to “Happy Thanksgiving.”

Happy Thanksgiving, Revere.

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