Letter to the Editor

Sargent Street Mural Connects Us to Revere of the Past!

Dear Editor:

On October 4, 2018 I had the distinct pleasure of attending the unveiling and dedication of a beautiful and poignant mural depicting West Revere of the 1930s. As I gazed upon this wonderful work of art, spanning one entire underside of the Route 1 overpass, I marveled at how adeptly mural artist Debbie Barrett Cutulle captured the essence of that area of Revere known to me as a boy. A few moments later I realized that the young man pictured with two dogs was in fact yours truly at the age of 14 posing with my two German Shepherds, King and Peggy! Much to my surprise and delight, and yes some chagrin, I was humbled by being selected as a subject for this mural. The choice for that picture, taken in the yard of my first home on Toscano Avenue, became clear as I realized that the new dog park was in the immediate vicinity.

So many thanks to my family, friends, and city officials for sharing in this event. I want to offer a very special thank you and heartfelt appreciation to Mayor Brian Arrigo, the West Revere Neighborhood and Revere Mural Groups and of course the creative and talented mural artist, Ms. Debbie Barrett Cutulle.


Vincent F. Cammarata

Proud resident of Revere for 83 years

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