Revere Receives Grant from DOJ to Support School Safety

The City of Revere has received a grant of $339,590 from the U.S. Department of Justice that will go to the COPS Office School Violence Program (SVPP).

The grant, which are authorized by the STOP School Violence Act, will fund school safety measures including coordination with law enforcement, training for law enforcement to prevent student violence, and technology for expedited notification of law enforcement during an emergency.

The Stop School Violence Act is intended to improved school security by helping students and teachers reduce exposure to risks, prevent acts of violence, and quickly recognize and respond to violent attacks.

Mayor Brian Arrigo said the grant will help improve security inside the schools and on the school grounds.

“Regrettably, security at schools is a growing national concern.  This grant will help Revere update and improve security measures at schools and on school grounds and support our unwavering commitment to a safe environment for our students, teachers, and staff.   Vigilance and preparation are the most effective ways to confront the modern-day threats.  We are grateful to the Justice Department for lending a crucial hand to communities to fulfill our goals for student safety.”

Police Chief James Guido said the teamwork of city officials helped secure the grant.

“Working on this grant was a collaborative effort between the Police Department and the School Department,” said Guido, who singled out Kathy Callahan of the Police Department, Revere Police Captain Ford, John Ferrara of the School Department, and CAPIC for their efforts. “Mayor Arrigo was also totally supportive of this grant and made sure the matching funds ($113,197) would be available.”

Supt. of Schools Dr. Diane Kelley said she was really excited about the grant that was due to the successful collaboration between the Police Department and the School Department.

The funds will be utilized for new surveillance cameras at the schools, specially designed locks for all doors, and training for the school resource officers.

There are 11 schools on eight campuses in the City of Revere.

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