City Dedicates Memorial Pole to Christy Giannino

The City of Revere held a memorial pole dedication ceremony Saturday at 425 Malden St. for lifelong resident Crescenzo “Christy” Giannino, who served in the Revere Fire Department for 31 years. Mr. Giannino was a U.S. Army veteran and one of the first Angel Flight Pilots providing free air transportation for children and adults who were in need of significant medical care.

City Council President Jessica Giannino, Mr. Giannino’s granddaughter, told the large assemblage that, “A year ago we lost the patriarch of our family. There were two things that were important to my grandfather: First was his family and he was very proud to have two families. He had our family and he had the City of Revere Fire Department. I thank the Fire Department for their support for the past year and the many years before that when he worked with you and served.

“The second was work. My grandfather had an incredible work ethic. He served his country. He served in the Revere Fire Department for many, many years and passed that on to his children. My uncle now serves in the Fire Department, my father in the Police Department. That work ethic and that sense of community, and sense of pride he had for the city is passed down to all of us and that is the greatest gift.”

Giannino concluded her remarks by thanking the many residents for their attendance at the ceremony.

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