Revere Public Schools are Getting things Done Right

A Boston Globe editorial in the all-important Sunday edition highlighted the Revere Public Schools as a district that can get things done at the least cost.

The Globe editorial was about taking education funding to the next level, and used Revere as an example of a school system that is able to have a positive educational experience despite declining resources.

The editorial called out Revere as a “community with an incredibly diverse population that gets among the best results at the least cost.” It goes on to query:  “So how to use new state dollars to get more Reveres?”

Supt. Dianne Kelly said she was grateful to see the praise, and said the way to get more “Reveres” is to adequately fund the schools – an issue that has been on the table since January.

“With adequate funding, we will close persistent achievement gaps,” she said. “Current funding forces class sizes 30-plus.

“If anyone asked me that question, I would say:  make sure you have the best staff members – teachers, para-professionals, custodians, administrators, café workers, bus drivers, maintenance staff, monitors, security and translators, secretaries, crossing guards, counselors, nurses – the best staff members in every position across the district – who all care about the kids, who all believe in the kids, who all want the best for the kids, and who all see themselves as integral to each child’s success. We still have work to do and increased funding is necessary for all of our kids to be successful upon graduation, but it is pretty incredible to realize that our hard work and effective practices are recognized beyond the city limits and by the media.”

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