Revere High Football Program Creating Excitement in the City

The Revere High School football team’s exciting victory over Peabody is another positive step forward for the program led by head coach Lou Cicatelli.

This was a win over a formidable opponent that showed the character and fortitude of the Revere players, who though hampered by injuries to teammates, never quit and stayed together as a team until the final whistle.

Lou Cicatelli’s team plays in a tough division within the Northeastern Conference and there are no easy ‘W’s on the Revere schedule.

The goal is always to earn a berth in the state playoffs and Revere is well on its way to another postseason appearance against other top teams in the North sectional.

Certainly three developments in the city have helped boost the Revere High football program. One is the overall leadership of Frank Shea as director of athletics. Shea was an outstanding coach himself and understands that a team needs a total commitment from the players, coaches, parents, and community in order to be successful. The recent success of other RHS teams – girls basketball, girls volleyball, boys and girls lacrosse, the tracks teams, softball, and the positive strides the boys basketball program has made under coach David Leary – speak well to the fact that Revere has become a highly competitive and respected athletic program in the Northeastern Conference and beyond.

Development two is the beautiful, state-of-the-art facility in which Lou Cicatelli plays its home games. What a feeling of pride for Lou and his players to take the field in arguably one of the best facilities in the NEC.

Third is the continuing success of the Revere Pop Warner youth football and cheerleading organization of which many of the current RHS football players and cheerleaders are alumni. RPW President Patrick Keefe, board members and most importantly, the players and coaches, are in attendance at RHS football games cheering on the varsity team and no doubt looking forward to the day when they can wear the RHS  uniform.

There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to football in Revere and we look forward to following the 2018 team in the playoffs and of course, in its annual Thanksgiving morning clash with the rival Winthrop Vikings.

Let’s keep the good times going. Not since the early 1970s, when the late Silvio Cella roamed the sidelines and all-time greats such as Mike Mucci and Joe Festa, were starring for the RHS Patriots, have we seen such a bright future for the program or a community ready to get behind a team.

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