RBC Recognizes Washington Place Condominiums

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) awarded its latest “Beautiful Property” award to the Washington Place Condominiums located at 770 Washington Ave.

The newly constructed building owners moved quickly to beautify the surrounding property.  The condominium owners association hired a local landscaper, Mercurio Brothers, to landscape the grounds around the building.  In addition, the Mercurios have continued to provide the landscaping for the building by doing a spring clean-up and providing monthly care.

Apple trees were planted around the property.  These trees provide a year-round beauty to the area.  In addition, a variety of petunias and sea grasses fill the grounds creating what was described as “an assortment of flowers that are very colorful”.  The end result is a beautifully landscaped property that demonstrates the pride in which the Washington Place Condominium owners evidently have in their building.

The RBC encourages all residents to demonstrate the same pride in their own property.  A beautiful property contributes to the goal of “improving the image of the City of Revere”.

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