RBC Recognizes First Home of 2018

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) has awarded its first home beautification award of 2018 to David Moore of Carlson Avenue.  It is evident as one passes by the home that David is extremely proud of his property.

The front of the home is landscaped with neatly trimmed bushes and colorful rhododendron plantings.  In addition to the bushes, there are variegated flowers in different pots that contain lovely geraniums, beautiful impatiens, and various other types of flowers.  There is also a lamp post that has a plant entwined around its pole.

Flowers line the entry-walk and the passage into the lovely back yard creating a most welcoming sight.  The landscaping is done by A&P Landscaping and Mr. Moore works on his property five-seven days a week.  His hard work shows the pride in which David Moore feels for his home.  The RBC encourages all Revere residents to follow the Moore example and create a beautiful home.

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