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Dear Editor:

While attending a Revere City Council sub-committee meeting regarding the Point Pines Fire Station a number of possibilities were mentioned. As a former City Councillor, public safety is certainly my top priority. This is why I am calling for increased of spending for fire stations and infrastructure. It is my professional opinion that the Point of Pines Fire Station should all be reinstated, due to the increase of City of Revere’s population Also the changing traffic patterns in the city have added to traffic gridlock. Many people traveling on the roads of this city not sit in traffic for 30 to 45 minutes. This traffic gridlock is causing travel time resistance and this is why I believe, the City of Revere should re-activate the Point of Pines Fire Station to service the Point of Pines. Oak Island and the Jack Satter House, areas of Revere.

All Revere Firefighters are EMSs and are usually first to appear at emergency calls. The response times for emergency calls will be quicker to the homes in the Point of Pines. There is no question that the population of Revere is growing. The City of Revere’s increase construction in apartments along the beach means more calls for service. A manned fire pump with Revere EMT’s will be able to keep up with the increase, calls for service. This will cut down the response time and to get someone to the hospital or to respond to a fire emergency.

A fire station improvement project is certainly an appropriate use of the “rainy day fund,” and the “free money account: funds. One voncillor at the hearing believes that we should just put a band-aid on the Point of Pines Station, and call it a day. This is certainly not the correct path to take when lives and property are at stake. The growth of this city is effecting the response time for the Revere Fire Department. We need to re-think our public safety commitment. We need to upgrade the Point of Pines Station and bring back the abandon fire station to service the areas of the Point of Pines, Oak Island and the Jack Satter House Areas of Revere.

The City of Revere is growing in population, and because of the increase of traffic, it’s getting more difficult to get a fire apparatus and ambulances by way of North Shore Road.

I recommend that we take the next stop and call for a Fire Station Modernization Committee where plans and ideas can be discussed to include options for construction of new facilities or replacement facilities, or to upgrade of existing facilities. We need to invest in Revere’s public safety and by doing so we need to invest in our fire stations.

John R. Correggio

Former School Committeeman and Revere City Councillor

Former Revere Fire Lieutenant


 Dear Editor:

Spring is here finally! One of my favorite outdoor activities, especially during the warmer months of the year, is to commute from Boston on my bike. Biking is an excellent way to get exercise and fresh air – both important factors in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. It’s also an amazing way to relieve stress or meditate (while avoiding potholes, cars and animals of course).

Riding a bike also alleviates stress on joints and is a great alternative to driving, saving money at the gas pump and helping the environment at the same time.

If you haven’t already, check out the Northern Strand Community Trail that stretches for nine miles in Malden, Everett, Revere and Saugus toward the Lynn seacoast. Bike to the Sea, a local non-profit that promotes bicycling and bicycle safety, has spent over 25 years developing the trail. Another great trip is the Minuteman Bikeway that starts in Cambridge and runs for 10 miles ending in Bedford.

Unfortunately, riding can also have risks and in 2015 there were over 467,000 bicycle-related injuries across the United States. Below are several safety tips to keep in mind before your next bike trek.

Remember to always wear a helmet. Bicycle helmets minimize the likelihood of brain and head trauma in the event of an accident. Make sure your selected helmet fits snugly and check for markings from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Pack plenty of water and stay hydrated. Carry one or two bottles of water for your trip, whether it’s a 30-minute run to the grocery store or afternoon adventure for several hours. Also, pack your wallet and some extra cash so you can pick up extra fluids if you run out at any point.

Mind the traffic rules. Overall, bike riders are asked to adhere to the same traffic guidance as automobiles. Stop at lights and yield to folks in crosswalks. Additionally, freshen up on how to signal when passing other bikers, turning or switching lanes.

Finally, wear bright clothing. Shiny garments ensure cyclists are visible from far distances during the daytime. At night, make sure to wear reflective clothing and add lights to your bike – it’s the law!

Check out the specific bike laws and regulations in Massachusetts for additional resources. If you are exploring options in health care, let us introduce you to the team at CHA by calling 617-665-1305 or visit www.challiance.org/cha/find-a-doctor.

Laura Sullivan, MD

Chief of Family Medicine at CHA




Dear Editor:

Each spring, the Revere Scholarship Committee awards scholarship funds to deserving Revere High School seniors who plan to continue their education after graduation. These funds are generously provided by Revere residents and business owners, who make voluntary contributions along with their property tax bills.

The Committee would like to sincerely thank the donors who have contributed so far in 2018:

Benefactor ($100+)


Robert Cassidy

Evelyn Morris

Gennaro and Denise Cataldo

Walter Bennett

Gennaro Cataldo

Mr & Mrs Justin Capodilupo

Golden Hands Thai Spa

Carol Tye


Sena Motors

Sponsor ($50-$99)

David Fabri

Karen Alba

Debra Digiulio

Linda LaCascia

Regina Matthews

Rose Marie Tomasino

Peggy Vitale – Intraversato

Carol Haney

Regina Daley

Stephen Gonzales

Jessica Giannino

Josiane Tigar

Regina Bartolomucci/Matthews


Patron ($25-$49)

Eileene Sherriff

Ann Marie Giovino

Fern Price

Lucia Hunter

Marsha and David Fulton

R.M. Cataldo

Michelle Bell

Nicholas and Marie Giacobbe

Sigfredo Castaneda

Rosa Bonafrio


Friend ($10-$24)

Beauty on the Beach

Joseph Oppito

Kathy Milligan

Scott Kurtzer


Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell

Karem and Murch Ewings

Lillian Bockser

Duong and Mei Yee

Shawn White

Emilia Von Hertell

Daniel Ferrante

Kerry Poulack

John Dove

Francine Cook

Catherine Penn

Patricia Malone


Robert Golding


Donor ($5-$9)

Joseph Reale

Donna Ferrante

Michael and Christina Carey


Scott Kurtzer

Roy Colannino



Cheryl Delaney

Unity Music School


To learn more about the Revere Scholarship Committee, contact Joseph Gravellese at [email protected] or 781-632-5610.

. In addition to the voluntarcontribution with real estate taxes, contributions to the Revere Scholarship Committee can be made by cash or check at any time to Revere Scholarship Committee, c/o Mayor Brian Arrigo’s Office, 281 Broadway, Revere, MA 02151.

Thank you for enriching the future of Revere High School’s talented students with your contributions!

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