2018 Jossour Moroccan Association First Annual Interfaith Iftar Dinner

Ramadan public Interfaith Iftar events are becoming popular in Revere as Muslims share the fasting experience with their fellow citizens across the city.

On May 26 at Beachmont Veterans Memorial School, Jossour Moroccan Association (JMA), a non-profit organization headquarter in Revere , held its first annual Interfaith Iftar Dinner to share the Ramadan experience and a meal with their fellow residents of Revere and its elected officials.

“Sharing a meal is also an opportunity for us to come together with people from different faiths, cultures, and identities.” said Alexander Rhalimi, JMA vice-president.

A meal served at the end of the day during the month of Ramadan, to break the day’s fast. Literally, “breakfast.” Iftar is the meal served at sunset during Ramadan, as Muslims break the daily fast. Muslims around the world break the fast with some dates and either water or milk. After Maghrib prayer, they then have a full-course meal, consisting of “Harira” a traditional Moroccan soup, sweets bakery, coffee or Moroccan mint-tea, appetizers, and main dishes. In some countries, the full-course meal is delayed into later in the evening. Iftar is very much a social event, involving family and community members. It is common for Muslims to host others for dinner, it is also common for Muslims to invite and share food with those less fortunate. The spiritual reward for charitable giving is considered to be especially significant during Ramadan.

“I am so proud of our Moroccan American Community in Revere, as we are growing in our beloved city, I felt there is a tremendous need of an organization like JMA to share our true values, our belief, and culture.” said Amal Zitouni, JMA president.

JMA is organized under he General Corporation Law of Massachusetts. The purpose and essence of the corporation are exclusively charitable and nonprofit as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The non profit organization provides aid and relief services, to alleviate human suffering by providing care and compassionate services to victims of domestic violence, homelessness, women in need, disabled persons, and services not limited to any activities abiding by the Bylaws of JMA.

JMA board of directors consist of Amal Zitouni (President), Alexander Rhalimi (Vice-President and Acting Secretary), Sabir Sami (Board member), Mohamed Daali (Board Member), and Hicham Kedadry (Board member).

Jossour Moroccan Association can be reached at (855)-Jossour and via email at [email protected] To learn more about JMA, visit www.jossourma.org

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