Council Receives Recommendations for Police Department from Ryan Strategies

When Mayor Brian Arrigo took office in 2016 he opted not to renew then Police Chief Joseph Cafarelli’s contract. Arrigo appointed Capt. James Guido as acting police chief, citing a desire to have the entire department reviewed and hopefully move to a community policing style.

“Over a year ago I made one of the more difficult decisions in my time as mayor when I declined to renew the contract of Police Chief Cafarelli,” Arrigo said. “While I respect his dedication to his job and his service to the community I think it’s imperative to place at the head of the department a person whose desire for the city police force mirrored my own. I promoted Capt. James Guido, a 31-year veteran of the force as police chief.

At the same time, Arrigo initiated an organizational review of the police department.

Monday night Arrigo presented the City Council with the report from Ryan Strategies Group, headed by Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan, along with Chelsea Chief Brian Keyes.  Also attending the meeting were captains from the Revere Police Department and Revere union rep Charles Callahan.

“I see this as a two-pronged approach to improve the Revere Police Department,” Arrigo said. “The report helps set the course for the foreseeable future.”

“When I took office I observed complex challenges in the Revere Police Department. Complex challenges do not yield to simple solutions; complex solutions entail tough self-assessment, honesty, andingenuity, blended with a dose of courage, Above all else, complex solutions require cooperation.” Arrigo said. “I am eager to continue to work with Chief Guido and his command staff.”

The following are recommendations that Ryan Strategies Group identifies as 37 distinct recommendations for the Revere Police Department, they have been grouped into five different categories. The report is public and will be shared with every member of the department. The report is available online at and can be found under the City Council meeting packet for May 7. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. Restructure Organization to Promote Accountable and Reflect Priorities

Move Internal Affairs Unit to the Office of the Chief

Eliminate Executive Officer Position

Select Acting Chief from Captains

Organize the RPD into Four Major Divisions

Amend the Ordinance to allow Four Captains

Modify Patrol Operations Division

Modify Criminal Investigation Division

Create a Professional Standards Division

Create a Community Services Division

Create sworn Community Resources Officer

Create non-sworn Community Engagement Coordinator


  1. Restructure Staffing, Shifts and Sectors to Align with Goals
  • Reduce Lieutenants and Sergeants by Attrition
  • Conduct Annual Review of Specialized Assignments
  • Create Impact Shift Pilot Program
  • Replace Split Shifts with Straight Shifts
  • Increase Foot Patrols
  • Change Schedule for Canine Unit
  • Change Schedule for traffic Unit
  • Reduce the Number of Sectors from Seven to Five
  • Discontinue Special Operations Unit and Use Regional Resources
  • Transfer Civilian Crossing Guards to School System


  1. Invest in Workforce Development
  • Update and Refocus Training Plan
  • Establish a Leadership Development Steering Committee
  • Conduct Mentorship/Goal-Setting Meetings
  • Implement Line Staff Uniform and Appearance Inspections
  • Return to Traditional Municipal Policy Uniform
  • Establish an Early Warning System for Officers at Risk


  1. Take Proactive Steps to Engage the Community
  • Create a Community Engagement Plan
  • Establish/Formalize Community Partnerships
  • Create Community Action Teams


  1. Update Policies and Procedures and Other Recommendations
  • Attain Certification and then ACCREDITATION
  • Update/Develop New Policies and Procedures
  • Revise Procedures for Property/Evidence Audits
  • UASI Liaison/FEMA/MEMA Liaison
  • Conduct Annual SWOT Analysis

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