RBC Looking for Beautifully Landscaped Homes and Businesses

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) would like to have all residents start thinking of the spring and summer temperatures that will eventually make their way to Revere, and the RBC will need your help during that time.

Every year, the RBC recognizes homes and businesses that take special pride in the appearance of their property and the organization needs your help in identifying the people who make the extra effort to beautify their property.  After all, you are the person who may live next to a very special property or ride by such a property on your way to work or to the gym or to shop.  Who would be better qualified to identify a home/business that deserves to be recognized?

Members of the RBC travel throughout the city during the warm weather searching for homes that meet this criteria, but it is impossible for us to see every property in the city.  Therefore, RBC could use your eyes to help find worthy properties to recognize.  RBC is asking all residents to let RBC know when you see a property that you think should be recognized for the effort that the owner has expended in making their property beautiful.

Just call the RBC at 781-485-2770 and leave the address of the property that you think should be considered and we will do the rest.  We thank you in advance for all the help that you can give us.  Please remember to call the Revere Beautification Committee to nominate your candidate for “Beautiful Home/Business of the Month” award.

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