A Note from Barbara Bush

Len Piazza is the kind of guy who is always thinking, and years ago when he worked for Bicknell and Fuller (makers of corrugated boxes and more), as the vice president of sales, he learned that First Lady Barbara Bush had a special room in the White House just for gift wrapping for family and friends.

So Piazza put together a box filled with Christmas wrapping paper, bows, tags and more. It was vetted by the Secret Service and delivered to Mrs. Bush at the White House in 1990.

She wrote back to him in ink on April 18, 1990.

“Dear Mr. Piazza,

How kind of you to send us this wonderful box of Christmas and other wrapping and ribbons. What a treat! We are sending a picture for you and your family.”

(Signed) “Barbara”

Piazza has kept her note and photograph framed for years.

The photograph has a signature that says, “Barbara and George Bush with best wishes to the Piazza family.”

“This just shows the wonderful nature of a woman who is loved and will be missed by many people,” Piazza said.

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