Mayor Arrigo Encourages Resident Participation in Local Government

Mayor Brian M. Arrigo this week encouraged residents to take active roles in City by seeking positions on the Boards and Commission that decide and regulate a variety of municipal governmental functions.

In an Op-ed piece appearing in the local print media, Mayor Arrigo invoked president Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address where the nation’s 16th president extolled “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”  Mayor Arrigo characterized the task of appointing people to municipal boards one of his “most important.”

“The closes interaction between ‘government’ and the people it serves occurs at the municipal level” the Mayor wrote.  He noted that a city’s residents are likely to be acquainted or associated with those that serve in City government and that this personal connection provides substantial opportunity for “government by the people.”

“I suspect that in a City of over 53,000 residents, there many bright and imaginative people who could offer new ideas and insights to the local government’s function,” he wrote, announcing “I’m looking for those people.”

The City lists ten separate boards and commissions on its website that decide issues relating to topics as widespread as zoning appeals, licensing, to beautification.  Other opportunities arise, as well, within municipal departments.  “I want people in our city to realize that they can play a part in city government,” said Mayor Arrigo.  “I am always eager to find residents who unfortunately stand on the sidelines of city government when they actually possess the mind and attitude to be active participants.”

If you are looking for an opportunity to get involved, please send us your resume to [email protected], along with a brief statement of how we can utilize your talents and abilities to best the serve our City.

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