Wonderland Files Motion in Superior Court Over Parking

It appears that CBW Lending, the owners of the old Wonderland Dog Track, will be filing a motion against Revere in Suffolk Superior Court in order to continue to park cars on the site.

This comes on the heels of the Zoning Board of Appeals upholding the decision of the city building inspector to issue a cease-and-desist order on the parking of cars at Wonderland and the subsequent demolition of the property.

CBW Lending was in front of the Zoning Board last Thursday appealing the building inspector’s ruling. Attorney James Cipoletta, representing CBW Lending, had asked for a continuance, but was instead given the “no” vote.

The building inspector claimed the property at 190 VFW Parkway was being used for illegal motor vehicle storage and/or parking and storing over 1,000 vehicles at the property which requires a special permit from the City Council CBW contends that they do have the special permit for parking which is valid. But the city maintains the special permit expired July 30, 2015.

“In the past couple of years there has been some commercial proposal at the venue, but it has not come to fruition,” Cipoletta told the board.

Cipoletta came before the board a month ago and the appeal was continued for discussions between the city and CBW. CBW also had filed a further motion to continue the matter on the basis that there is a memorandum of understanding being circulated.

“I don’t know anything about a memorandum of understanding,” said Ward 5 Councillor John Powers. “Apparently the attorney has more information than the council does.”

“The history of the situation at Wonderland is that it has always had parking on the site for 15 years until the MBTA garage was built,” Cipoletta said as he gave a history lesson on parking at Wonderland.

He also said the owners were not able to sell to a developer as quickly as planned.

As for the special permit ordered by the city council back in 2013, Cipoletta said that the City Council did not call back the special permit to be continued after 2015.

“All we are asking is to allow us what we’ve been doing or offer us due process,” Cipoletta said, noting that the issue had been in front of the Zoning Board and the License Commission.

“If you’re going to take away a special permit there’s a way to do it. We’re more than happy to visit the City Council.”

“That’s called due process and we never had that,” Cipoletta said. “That’s why we ended up here.

The acts of the building inspector flies in the face of due process. To give a cease-and-desist was not done lawfully.”

Demolition of building has progressed and contractors did run into an asbestos issue. Department of Environment Protection (DEP) has become involved and now are at third level of proceedings and have a cease-and-desist on demolition process.

“That put us back a little from our intended schedule,” Cipoletta said, adding the city and the ownership have been meeting.

Powers asked the board not to grant any continuances.

“The zoning officer for the City of Revere has issued an opinion and they continue to park illegally. Their special permit that they had expired two years ago,” Powers said. “To continue to park cars there they would have to come before the City Council, get a special permit and then going before the Licensing Commission to have the city issue a license and that hasn’t happened. Time keeps running and running, and they continue to make money.”

“It’s wrong they’re operating illegally,” Powers said. “They’re just dragging it out and stalling making more money at the expense of the residents of this city.”

Cipolleta they will be filing in Suffolk Superior Court as soon as the written decision by the Zoning Board is completed.

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