Licensing Commission May Seek Use of Plastic Cups at Squire Lounge

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

After a nasty incident that resulted in a police officer getting whacked on the head with beer bottle, the Squire Lounge may have to rethink whether or not they serve drinks in glass or plastic cups.

At their Jan. 17 meeting, the Revere Licensing Commission decided to hold off on the idea until all three commissioners were present.

On Dec. 22, 2017, Officer Joseph Internicola was working a detail at the club with another officer and additional security hired by the club. Close to closing time, two patrons had an altercation and while attempting to break up the fight, one of the patrons grabbed a Corona beer bottle and swung blinding, hitting Internicola in the head and causing a large gash.

Club Manager Peter DePesa said he was in his office when the fight broke out. When he came out, the patrons were handcuffed, and he helped Internicola with his wound. Internicola, who regularly does details at the club, said the patron who hit him is a regular at the club and has since been banned.

The commission suggested that the club consider serving beer in plastic cups in the future. But Commissioner Linda Guinasso was absent and the other commissioners felt they should all have a say.

DePesa said they were looking to operate an upscale men’s club and servicing drinks in plastic cups would look cheap.

“If it’s not a glass bottle, it’s a chair or a purse,” DePesa said. “If someone wants to hurt someone, they will find some way to do it. I don’t think this will happen again.”

Police Chief James Guido said he didn’t think beer should be served in glass bottles.

The commission will take this up again at its February meeting.

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