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Year in Review

Dear Editor:

We are all directly impacted by the effects of political decisions. So it is important to all of us to thoughtfully reflect on the accomplishments of the new Republican administration’s first anniversary.  If success is all about the economy, let’s start there:

  1. Economy: The U.S. economy has now achieved over 3-percent growth. This growth level was never achieved at any time during the Obama administration’s 8 years. We were also instructed to adjust our economic expectations as America would never achieve a growth level of 3-percent again. Today, we have already achieved over 3-percent growth, and we are poised for even higher growth in 2018.
  2. Stock Market: It is soaring! It has hit 71 all-time highs in the last year. This has enriched all Americans including anyone with invested retirement savings. In one year the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained over 6000 points, a 26-percent increase. The S & P index has improved by 24-percent and the market added $5 trillion in value.
  3. Employment: 2.2 million jobs have been created this year. Employment is trending up in professional and business sectors, healthcare and manufacturing. The unemployment rate is now just 4.1-percent. This is 11-percent better than even the best performance of the last administration. Involuntary part time workers have been reduced by 858,000 workers and unemployment is down in all categories including black and Hispanic populations.
  4. Consumer Confidence: It is at a 17-year high, and it has increased in the last five consecutive months.
  5. War on Terror: ISIS has been driven from Iraq and Syria. This is a dramatic victory over the barbarians that were gobbling up large swaths of territory and murdering thousands of innocent people.
  6. Energy: The U.S. is now achieving energy independence and energy dominance. This will have the side benefit and improving our fight against terrorism.
  7. Legislation: “The Tax Cut and Jobs Bill” just passed is a major tax overhaul which will stimulate the economy by another 3-4-percent of growth in 2018. It will also repatriate many billions of dollars stored off our shores.
  8. Safety: The administration has ended the “catch and release” policy for illegal aliens. The Administration has also successfully put a temporary halt to immigration from dangerous states. This saves lives and improves the safety and security of every American.

The new Republican administration promised to, “Make America great again.” It is important to acknowledge the facts and results to determine the success of these new policies. As displayed above it is clear we are on a successful path to make America great with the above accomplishments already achieved.


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Caruccio- Chair Winthrop Republican


Steve Belmonte-

Vice Chair




Dear Editor:

I live on 247 Rice Ave., Revere, and am 76 years old with a wife who has medical problems. We don’t have any nearby family or supports. As the snowstorm was ending on the evening of January 4, I shoveled out my front stairs and driveway-afraid that the snow would turn to ice and that we wouldn’t be able to leave our home or drive for groceries. It took me almost 2 hours to do so and, afterwards, I was exhausted – but grateful that the task was completed and that I hadn’t suffered harm.

The next day-sometime late morning, early afternoon – a plow shoved back all of the ice and snow blocking our stairs and driveway and making entry impossible. I had to shovel us out again – this time, with even more difficulty, because the ice and snow were now solidly frozen and in huge chunks. In all honesty, I started crying because I couldn’t believe that a plowman would do such a thing. In the past, seeing that shoveling had occurred, the driver would always lift the plow or otherwise avoid replacing the previously cleared debris.

I’m writing so that plow drivers, who do such necessary work and deserve our gratitude, might become more sensitive to situations like ours and hopefully take steps not to cause significant problems, and possible harm, to residents.

Richard Bourne

Promised Land

Dear Editor:

Ever since the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, every candidate for President and every U.S. President has made a campaign promise that the U.S. Embassy would be in the capital of Isreal, Jerusalem. President Trump declared this week that Israel’s capital,  Jerusalem, would be the new location for the United States of America Embassy, to Isreal.

It was not long ago that the United Nation emergency resolution, which was supported by  President Obama, pushed through the United Nations, a resolution declaring the Western Quarter of Jerusalem to be illegality occupied by Isreal. The Obama administration supported this United Nation resolution. Our former U.S. senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kerry who was Secretary of State, helped push this outrageous orchestration of the U.N. resolution for approval.

This resolution declared that Hebrew University, the Hadassah Hospital and the Jewish Quarter    were illegally occupied.The best response to this horrendous U.N. resolution has to be what President Trump had to say “ We don’t accept the U.N. resolution and we are going to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Isreal.”

Finally a U.S. President, Donald Trump says to the United Nations; “ We do not support this resolution. Furthermore we are going to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Isreal and we are going to relocate the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem”.

President Trump declared to the U.N.; “ You say Jerusalem is illegally occupied and we ( the United States of America) say Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”

Where the U.S. locates our embassy in Israel, is a matter for America and Israel to decide.

By moving the U.S. embassy, it does not prejudice the final status of negotiations over Jerusalem. This argument is disingenuous. No serious proposal has ever been suggested for  building embassy facilities  east of the Green Line in Jerusalem, because it would hamper any negotiations between any Palestinian – Isreali peace deal.

An examples of this would be, when you wake up in the morning and see that it is raining; you don’t need a U.N. resolution to tell you that you need an umbrella. How would we like it if other countries told us where our Nation’s capital should be. The United States already has a consulate in Jerusalem, but our U.S. Consulate can only be used  for  conducting business with the Palestinian government. The U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem can not conduct any other business with the Isreali government.

Even Russia has come to the conclusion that Jerusalem is the capital of Isreal.

In April of 2017, Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced that: “We reaffirm our commitment to the U.N.-approved principles for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement, which includes the status of East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state. At the same time, we (Russia)  must state that in this context ,we view West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

We need to stop listening to the threats from Iran, ISIS, and al-Qaeda and help Isreal, the only democratic country in the Middle East and choose where there capital of their country should be located.


Thank you, 

Holiday Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, and. Merry Christmas

Hal Ford Abrams

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