City Ready for Snow and More Cold

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Department of Public Works director Don Goodwin has his crews prepared for a potential N’oreaster on Thursday.

“We should be all set,” said DPW Superintendent Don Goodwin.

The salt and sand are in place and the crews are all set to go. Goodwin admits that during previous storm events that there was a problem with contractors being able to rent equipment, but that issue has ben ironed out. There are 20 DPW workers ready to battle the snow and 12 contractors on board.

“We have plenty of salt and the city salt shed is full with 600-700 tons of salt,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin is also watching out for the Wolf Moon tide and the high tide cycles this week. Goodwin said the tide gates are in the closed position to help control any flooding.

The snow and cold are also a concern for the mayors office.

“Winter’s cold weather is part of what makes living in New England so enjoyable. But sometimes like these few days, it becomes so frigid that it can be dangerous. Our public safety officials are attentive to situations as they arise and we urge citizens can call 311 for a particular situations or leave a voicemail on the weekends, but of course, in an emergency always dial 911,” Arrigo said.

“To those hearty souls who venture outside to jog or just experience the weather. We say bundled up appropriately and enjoy winter,” Arrigo said. He noted that residents are asked to check in on one and other, especially on elderly and disabled neighbors.

Interim Police Chief James Guido said his officers will be out.

“We try and get any homeless people to come out of the cold and go to a shelter, or buy them a coffee if they won’t come in,” Guido said. “If they do come in we take them to the Pine Street Inn in Boston.”

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